horizontal help!

hey i’m trying to learn horizontal tricks and i was reading another forum and i saw capable yoyo and i wondered wut he meant can some one let me know if a yyj atmosphere or a yyf grind machine are capable for horizontal?

Any yoyo is capable. Just throw sideways :slight_smile:

it will be a lil harder but it needs practice if u want use the atmosphere :wink:

Protostar is the best plastic for horizontals. Better horizontals than a SS

Or not.

Any 1a yoyo will work awesome for horizontal play, especially considering horizontal is 1a play (generally).

however, some are better then others,

some of the awesomest include:

I would recommend doing tricks like skin the gerbil horizntly

Btw the genesis great for it

Any stable yoyo is good.

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Also,choose a light and stable yoyo like the Protostar.

That doesn’t matter much, but Protostar, light?

oh, you were talking about my thread, any yoyo is capable, I wouldn’t recommend either atmosphere or pgm, but rather, something light and nimble.

i tried skin the gerbal and yukki slack horizontaly and afteeer a whole day of practice i finaly got them down with thee atmoshphere

a low wall helps

Why are most of them Mickey’s signatures? Lol

mickey style=horizontal style :stuck_out_tongue:

Severes are really good for them. But the ProtoStar is the best choice IMO for them, or PHENOMizm.

LOL. I can play horizontals wit a Lyn. BTW, here are some more good yooyos fer horizontals

-Every Single YYR
-YYF C13
-YYF Frantic