Horizontal play and a good cheap intro yoyo, also question on a responsive yoyo

I’m looking to start play some horizontal and I need some ideas for a yoyo that plays well and can be had under $50 (preferably $30-$40) I’d even look at a best up used yoyo for inexpensive.

I don’t know where to begin as far and looking for a good starter.

Also looking for a good responsive yoyo that’s not a plastic (absolutely nothing wrong with plastic but metal just would be preferred) I know I could put thick lube on a bearing and have a responsive yoyo but I’m after a built for responsive play yoyo.

Thanks for any help and suggestions. If you have or know of a good uses horizontal yoyo that fits the price let me know.

You have yoyo’s in your collection that would play horizontal just fine. The Chik would get the job done. As well as the Prestige too.

As for a non plastic responsive yoyo. I can think of the Spyy Flying V and the Walter to be two great choices.

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I’m looking for a cheaper able to be best up option that won’t hurt so bad if it gets dinged or beat up. That way when I get a little better and not as prone to messing things up, so that’s why I’m wanting something cheap lol.

The Rally and Yeti can handle horizontal play just fine as well!!!

As for other responsive yoyo’s you can go the route of using thick lube and wrapping the string around the gap a few times too!!! OR you can buy a nice Tom Kuhn or TMBR…

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Spyy Flying V,

Tom Kuhn and TMBR are both thanks for suggestion.

I don’t know much about horizontal play, but as far as unresponsive, non plastics, I recommend wood. I just got an O.U.T. Bloody Pocket Love in the mail, and it is Fuuuuunnn. TMBR has some less expensive models that would probably do the trick, but if you want the weight behind it, try to grab one of the BPL’s when they are released in the store.

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Shutter and Rally are good choices for horizontal. As for a metal responsive, you should probably go look for a Walter.

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I think Duncan has a couple metals that are responsive? SPYY’s Flying V is the most intriguing one that comes to mind though. I honestly don’t even know what all is out there wrt responsive metals (though your thread is making my mind curious and my wallet scared). In all honesty, when it comes to responsive, nothing feels more natural to me than a FH2 or FHZ. To me it’s just the way nature intended responsive play to be.

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Shutter and Strix are gonna be your best bets.

The Rally is awesome, but the middle hub system gets in the way for finger spins. If finger spins aren’t a concern, then Rally for sure. Heck, even the new Speedaholic will get it done.

The Horizontal I’ve seen done by the C3 team with the Speedaholic I just crazy. I’d go for that or some of the options listed above. The god tricks Destiny is also a great one for horizontal, very angular shape heavy rim weighting, nimble feel.

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Surprised to see no mention of the alpha crash which I thought was pretty awesome for horizontal

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Same here. Alpha Crashes are dope for horizontals.
Still waiting for my speedaholics to arrive though. (stuck in customs)

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I can barely do a banana turnover, so my take on horizontal isn’t worth too much…

But as I’m pretending to learn horizontal, the best yoyo I have for the job is the Chik. And you already have two of those (I believe)! You’re set for horizontal… it’s only the skill development at this point!

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I’m jus looking for a beater so I can practice and not beat up my chiks those will insight a crying fit that should only be had by toddlers :).

Free yourself! I bet you won’t even beat it up. :wink: I didn’t actually see that same reply to mgiroux, so apologies. I did want to echo his recommendation but I didn’t catch the part where you already said you want a beater!

Seriously, though… beat it up. Or don’t (by not dropping it I mean!). In reality, it’s most likely to come in contact with your face, not the floor, and I think the yoyo will win in that battle!

Protostar does horizontal. Pretty much any yoyo with low walls and rim weight will “do” horizontal; I wouldn’t sweat the decision too much.

(or just play the Chik… Muhahahaha!)

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Lol morphine might give me the slight edge in that battle lol ( not used recreationally but for chronic pain).

And no worries I’m not mad just gives me an excuse to interact more with cool people I don’t stress the smallest if and that little thing was so small I don’t see it needing an apology or even a reason to feel even the slightest bit bad or anything!

But the reason I want a beater is just in case something does happen and in all honesty I am more free with playing a beater and much less reserved, the hard to be open and try lots of new things with expensive throws even on other stuff I try new I have either a plastic or a beater metal that really just makes me feel better and allows me more freedom to play with out issues and feel like Anthony Bourdain Hehehe no reservations (sorry for the lame pun).

I would take a look at the magicyoyo n12. It sub $40, but plays like a $100 throw.

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Thanks I might just do that those magic yoyos keep coming up and I think it might be time to add to the collection and if I beat it to heck then it won’t be a huge issue.

Theres a phenomizm on the bst for 31 in blue if you can get it your set thats a awesome horizontal playing yoyo

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