Horizontal yoyoing

I can throw horizontal but I dont know what to do after that. Any tricks that I can do horizontal and any good, relitivly cheap (under 50 dollars) yoyos that are good for horizontal and normal yo-yoing. I dont feel like buying another 100 dollar yoyo but I want another one.

Well i find the yyf shutter very good for horizontle and thats around $50

i have the yyf shutter and he is the best for horizontal and he is cheap

Yoyofactory G-funk is good but I would buy a CT bearing with it to make it a little more stable. Yoyojam Theory if you can spend $10 more. Duncan Strix is pretty good and so is echo. God tricks cyclone is good along with the bounty hunter. Weerd hour is great for it too. I would buy a CT with all of these except for hour and theory because they are great by themselves but if you think you need to then you can.