Yoyos under $100

So, I’m looking to get a new throw seeing as the last throw i got was a Genesis 2 years ago and now had some vibe after me falling on it. Anyway I’m looking for something fit for horizontal play, an angular shape rather than organic. Mainly something I can learn finger spins on. Preferably not from yoyofactory just cause I’d like to branch out to different companies, but If you think its really worth it I’ll go for it. Also I’d like to keep the price under 100 but, I’m willing to go a few dollars higher.

Sorry that its YYF, but the Shutter comes to mind, as well as the Strix, and at the price, you could get BOTH ;D

I really really love my Magic YoYo T5… It plays better than most my other YoYo´s and a lot of other people say that too… And you could buy about 8 of them for 100 dollars xD its stupidly cheap, i just got it on amazon and i love it to death.

You guys make really good points there. Since they’re all that cheap I think that I might just end up getting the Shutter, Strix, and one of the Magic yoyos. ;D

You could also try the sine//saw. I’ve played it, and it looks pretty good for horizontal although I havn’t tried it for it.

Yeah that looks really nice too, oh no the choices

I would say burnside or chik


Strix, shutter, Classic, sexy matching string :stuck_out_tongue:

the yoyojam theory is on of my favorite throws. its good for horizontal and it has lateral caps for finger grinds.

Whats the opinions on the YEAH3 by C3

I’ve enjoyed all of C3’s throws but they’re cheaper ones like the yeah3 and capless don’t have comfortable shapes for me but they play excellent

The c3 movitation is very good for horizontal, and also for finger spins, and is priced at 90 bucks, which is within your price range.