Need Yoyo recommendation For Horizontal style play

Hi… All I need yoyo recommendation

Budget under 80usd
good for horizontal style playing (a simple like finger spin and more advance horizontal trick)

My friend from local yoyo community said C3 level 6 or YYF Aviator… Any other ???

One Drop Chik is a very good Horizontal player. You can get a NQP (not quite perfect) one for $76.

If you can muster another $20 go for the Code 2 by OneDrop. Just got one today and it’s amazing for horizontal.

Or check the BST threads, probably find one for way less than $80

Benchmark V looks like it would be very good at it. That’s just going of off pictures a ms specs and junk though.

Werrd 86400 comes to mind

Anything by rec rev or YoyoOfficer is worth checking out

Would also take a look at the C3 level 6 and of course the shutter and czm8 from yyf. YYF also has the superstar at $80 which I really enjoy for horizontal and the added wideness is great. Last would be the turning point houska dry

what you want for horizontals is stability and low wall shape.
for less than 80$ Aviator,CZM8,Level6,Shutter,Superstar,Echo2 are all really good for horizontals.

Just choose the one you think fits you the best.
I like beadblasted comfy in hand yoyos better so I’d personally go for the aviator or the shutter.
Shutter is cheaper out of those but the Aviator feels built with higher quality(made in america) and comes with a better bearing and pad setup.

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Yoyos with low walls are great at horizontals to quote Palli.

I owned and tried all of them, and I think the best for horizontal is the Duncan Strix.

Just look for something wide with a V-shape and a low wall. Duncan Strix is a great budget throw and handles horizontal tricks with ease. Not too shabby on the finger spins either.


The shutter kills horizontals

Thx all…

After so many suggestion and trying shutter, czm8, and aviator from my friend…
I think my choice down to Level 6, Aviator or Strix…
still got one week before decided to buy… from that 3 which one you choose ???

Haven’t played the Aviator yet but I’ve been very impressed by the quality of the Level 6 and the Strix. Pretty sure you’ll be pretty chuffed with any of the three from your shortlist.