Need new yoyo!


I need a new yoyo. Price range, not above $100. Size doesn’t matter. Color doesn’t matter. I need a long spinning, very stable, and good for horizontal yoyo. Any suggestions?


C3yoyodesign Yeah3! 80 bucks i think it is


Burnside. Hands down.


I would go with the Yeah3 to, Crazy stable, very long spinning, and the best yoyo for horizontal i have ever used.


Yeah3. My favorite and the best under 100 for what you are asking


Werrd Hour, even though I hated it.

YoYoApartment 1937 is a very good 7075 aluminium yoyo, only $38 on [PM me for detail].com. Much more stable than the Hour.


Wow. $100 and color doesn’t matter…

Hmmm, so many good things.

The new Victory by Eternal Throw, or the Chupacabra by Rayoyo. These are coming soon as are some other items.

Burnside, Dibase, Freq. Wave, Phenomizm, Facade, Firmy, Aura, Roll Model, man, just too many to keep track of. Once you get past $60, most stuff is just variations of “awesome”. It depends on your tastes and preferences. But since you want horizontal, go for the V-shapes, as they work best. Nearly and C3 works. f ym list above, lose the Burnside and Roll Model as the shapes are not as horizontal friendly but they can do it.

Even the Protostar and Northstar are stable, solid and can be long spinning, and you don’t even need to spend that much to get those features.

Since you’re relatively new by your own admission, I wouldn’t worry about horizontal much for now.