picking a yoyo help


i want a good long sleeping metal (or awesome plastic) yoyo that’s good for 90 degree horazontal tricks. also, not too expensive ($100 is ok). please help me


Want good horizontal throws?
C3 yeah3
Spyy pro
Onedrop code 2

Those are my personal face



also, i want to be able to do a horazontal grind with the finger in the middle too, you know, like this:



The Dark Sonic is exactly what you’re looking for!

It’s $100 and it can do the finger grind! ^

Just saying…


most c3’s are great for horizontal (yeah3 darkstar)


any more? ??? ??? ???


look for any yoyo’s with this shape

Those shaped yoyo’s are all good for Horizontal.


I was gonna more or less say “well, that’s a video for the Dark Sonic, so it definitely does that, in the price range you’re aiming for AND a C3YoYoDesign” Bing, bang, boom. Buy it.

(Kei) #9

I learned how to do horizontal tricks with the Dark Sonic. If you do choose to buy it, you wont be disappointed. My new Supernova handles horizontals very well also.
However my Dark Sonic seems to be so forgiving and stable with Horizontals.


I’m fairly confidant in saying the dark sonic was made for horizontal play. That was one of the bigeye factors that went into the design. Also the finger grind.


Btw it is not possible to do 90 degrees horizontal, however 89.9999…


Yeah, he basically listed his own recommendation that’s perfect for what he wanted. ^^


I personally dislike the Yeah3 for horizontal. Seems to big and hefty to me.