Looking for recommendations


Hi there! I’m looking to get 3 yoyos for up to $160. I’m looking to stay along the lines of similar characteristics of my current favorite yoyo, the strix. I’m looking for something light, quick, horizontal capable, and it is very important that it can do fingers spins, my favorite trick. Thanks for the help!


$160 for all three or each? If all three, IDK.

C3 Movitation is good at horizontals and finger spins. It’s like $80 or so. Fairly heavy though. All C3’s have finger spin hubs.

I can’t think of many light yo-yos good for finger spins. Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper MK II (62.5g or 59.7g depending on version) is an awesome yo-yo around $160. It can handle finger spins especially if wearing nylon gloves.

If you’re looking for cheaper ones the Yoyoofficer Lava is probably pretty good. $40 and looks fine for finger spins. Their throws are getting good reviews. Lava is 65g. Some of their other ones look pretty good too. I’d check those out if you want budget yo-yos. C3 Level 6 is great too but it’s 68 grams.



Definitely should try the shutter

As for the others there’s lots of great budget metals. I love the octave 1st gen but it’s a little on the heavy side. Werrd makes the eighty-six 400 which is an absolute blast to play with but it’s on the bigger side which doesn’t fit everyones taste. As for yoyofficer I’d probly go for either a hatchet, lava, or musket. Tenyoyo Bebop comes to mind but you have to buy direct from them otherwise that would be my top recommended throw. Level 6 is great at fingerspins as well but also kinda heavy.



C3 Level 6 $50
Yoyo Officer Lava $40
YYF Shutter $50

Well under budget and all very well reviewed.


My lava is great, I’m not very good at finger spins though.