Any good yoyos around 30$? Thinking of Token


Trigger. Or you could get a Classic with a new bearing and new pads and your set.


Maybe trigger.



(SR) #5



Depends what your tastes are. I’m gonna go with $30 and under as your target:

Trigger by far I feel is the best one. But those are my preferences really showing as I really like this one.

Other viable YYJ dual-bearing package options are the Chaser and Legacy II. I had to buy a Legacy II of my own to stop messing with my kid’s. Same kid wanted a Chaser based on mine. She keeps hers responsive though. She’s got a ways to go. My son doesn’t have these, but loves playing my unresponsive Chaser and Legacy II. The Chaser is very heavy, but plays fast and light. WOw.

PGM is OK. I mean, I can’t say anything bad about it. It’s fun and for a stacked yoyo, it’s about as inexpensive as you’re going to get. The DieNasty gives you the same basic shape without the stacks, but I think the weight is a bit different. All good for 5A too.

The C3YoYoDesign Token is really good. I find it best as a trainer. The lack of weight gives it less spin time, and the shape requires a clean throw and clean technique. I mean, for $28, if you see this potential in it, you can’t miss.

Dipping below $20, lots of people say Kickside and Speedmaker. These are good, I know, I have them. I find the Lyn Fury to be awesome, especially with the bearing cleaned and the rings removed and replaced with flowable. Other contenders come from YYF: The new OneStar should retail under $20, and the Starbright. Got these both. I got my OneStar at BAC, so I’ve had it a while and yeah, really good stuff. The Starbright is light a lighter Protostar, plays good, got this at CalStates. The Stackless Grind Machine is another to take a serious look at too.

Do not ignore the price drops on the PSG and Asteroid. I do recommend the newer GEM PSG as I feel the extra weight makes it a better player. We’re talking cheap enough to get 2 and dive into 3A if you want to.

Nothing against the ONE(2 bearings) or the WHIP, but I feel they are a bit too light, but the price is crazy. The new Ann Connolly Champion Editions Whip is the same Whip but with “marbled” plastic and a CenterTrac. So, you’re basically getting a CenterTrac at a discounted price and they throw in the yoyo for free. The new look does look nicer than the regular one though. The 2012 ONE plays better than the 2011 ONE.

Lastly, we have the Classic. Under $10, and responsive out of the package. Pop in the C bearing of your choice, and then your choice of a response pad or an RTV product for the response and you’ve got a beast that can handle 1A, 3A(in pairs) and 5A.

Now, what do I really like?

Classic and Trigger out of these. The Classic with any full sized C bearing and flowable for the response really works great for me. The Trigger is also a win.

If you MUST spend $30, get the Trigger. If budget is an issue or you need strings, Classic and use one of your spare C bearings for it.


I haven’t tried all of the above, but I have a PGM, Lyn Fury, and Chaser. I haven’t touched the PGM since I got it. No affinity for it at all. The Lyn Fury and Chaser are two totally different beasts, but both amazing fun.

The Lyn Fury is super comfortable in the hand, and is light and fast. The lightness means that you sacrifice a bit of stability. I had a hard time doing certain tricks with it at first.

The Chaser on the other hand, is uncomfortable (at first) and heavy. It’s fast, but I think it’s just that it has more momentum once you get going. :wink: It is exceptionally stable, and once I got used to how it felt in my hand (disclaimer: I’m a fan of more organic shapes) I realized I loved it.

If I had to choose between the two, I would go with Chaser. Just a really fun throw.


The Token is more of a novelty throw. It’s decent but not a serious player.

The YYF StarLite is a nice player at a good price. If you want to spend just over $30 then the ProtoStar or Shaqler/NorthStar are both worth considering. All three share the same profile but just have varying weights. The OneStar releases is in few days and should be cheaper with a similar (the same?) profile. Haven’t played one yet but I expect big things.

The YYJ is my current favorite budget throw. Needs a replacement bearing to get it unresponsive and even with the O-rings it can handle basically anything I throw at it. The YYJ Trigger is a solid throw but rim edges are way too sharp for my liking.

The God-Tricks Mystery is a delrin throw available around that price. Decent player if you like heavier throws. Stock pads can be a bit slippy though. Delrin has a unique feel on the touch that sets it apart from yoyos made from other more common materials.

Personally I’d probably go for a Classic (with replacement bearing) or a StarLite.

Edit: Forgot about Magic YoYo. Most of their stuff can be had for $30 or less and they all seem to be solid performers.


If I have $30, I would get two Speed Makers and use the two halves with o-ring grooves.


I tried grind machine and I want it to spin longer. So is it impossible to buy 30$ yoyo with longer spin?


Nobody said that. This is the first time the length of spin has been introduced to the conversation. :wink:

Chaser will spin with determination. It has the right weight and shape for long powerful spins. However, a certain amount will depend on the bearing, of course.




How about werrd hour? Looking for used


How about a Shinwoo Phantom?


A good strong, straight throw, with the string centered on the bearing(a good throw will do this) is all it needs.

You can get long spin times on an under $30 plastic yoyo.

If your Grind Machine isn’t spinning long enough, check you throw. Is the yoyo level? Is the string centered on the bearing? You need that to happen first. The key issue is “string not rubbing the sides or response pads”, which will cause slowdowns fast. This is most of the problem right here.

After that, you might want to investigate the bearing. Swap it, clean it, try a different bearing entirely.

The other issue is some people are too obsessed with spin times. I get it though. At the same time, you have to consider this:
Do you have enough good spin time to get through your tricks and/or combos? If yes, you’re fine. If not, then look within first. It’s usually not the yoyo, it’s the throw being done. After that, then it’s a matter of good clean technique. These two factors combine to either help you if you’re doing good, or hurt you if either are bad.

People say it’s the throw, not the yo. It’s true. When I have problems, 99% of the time, it’s something I’m doing that needs correction. That other 1% is a bearing needing cleaning or replacing or me not managing string tension.


Psg vs astroid


Or classic