C3yoyodesign m.o.v.e

Is the c3yoyodesign move a good yoyo?? Is it like the horizon. Is it better at fingerspinning than the horizon. Does it spin longer than the horizon??

They are very different yoyos, here are a few differences that I see. The horizon is extremely stable, the moves stability is just middle of the pack but it moves much faster than the horizon. Both can finger spin well but I would say personally that the move is better a doing dead center fingerspins easier.

Does it spin a long time??

Yeah, pretty much all modern day yoyos do.

@ whoth3man you seem to have every yoyo what other yoyos would you recommend with the price range from 0 -60

I have only had about 100 since I’ve started 5 years ago but I’ll take that as a compliment :wink:

I would honestly recommend going for any yyf budget metals in the 40-60 range. They are all great for the price!

Few that I enjoy:
Too hot

The two last ones are a bit wide for my likings but still some of my favorite budget metals.

My favourite of the yyf budget metals is the Al dream. Fast, long spinning and fun!