need help choosing $50-60 throw


Hey guys,

I got some money for christmas and I would like to spend it on a new yo-yo (obviously).

Since my play style is rather fast, the yoyos that got my attention are the level 6 and the M.O.V.E., both from c3yoyodesign.

But I’m also pretty interested in the axis mixtape but I have no clue on how this yoyo is playing. My style is actually not that fast most of the time, but I still like stable yoyo that can go fast easily)

I would really like your opinions on those yoyos and maybe suggestion for other yoyos I did not think of.

Thanks a lot


I personally really enjoy the move! Great for fingerspins and can play fast.

I would say the d10 and horizon could fit the description as well. The horizon may not be able to get going fast quite as easily though.


Thank you very much. Anybody else would give me their opinions on those yoyo please


I would also recommend the horizon it’s just an overall good throw. It’s good for finger spins and grinds. And with its light weight it’s also good for speed


I’d consider it more in the mid to heavy weight range. Although it does play lighter than the weight would suggest


It’s heavy in the hand but at the end of the string it seems weightless


Yeah, but I already got the horizon and it doesnt really stick to my style.

But thanks anyways :slight_smile:


If you are an advance player a good yoyo would be the magic yoyo stealth


Werrd minute is super fast. Czech point or aluminum dream are both fast playing yoyos. I would recommend getting a new shape instead of just getting a super fast v shaped yoyo, maybe a smaller yoyo or something that’s a little wider then the horizon or move. A 5a yoyo like the doncan origami would probably be fast and light on the string.
Hope I helped!