Suiting my play style


Once again, I’m looking for a yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:
My play style is kinda fast(could go faster), horizontal, and sometimes slow with tons of grinding, slack and string rejection tricks. I like a smooth, hoppy feel to a yoyo but still is stable and long spinning. What I want is something that can combine all of my types of styles into one throw.
I also want a yoyo that has a deep silicone recess making siliconing it easy.
What yoyo do you think?
My price range is $90 max.
Yoyos I was looking at were the Chico Del toro, and C3 Di Base. Which one? (Will take other suggestions)


If you go up $10 you could get a code 1.It is a great yoyo and seems to fit all your preferences,and comes with side effects to make a desirable weight

(M.DeV1) #3

Sounds to me like a phenomizm is right up your alley!


Have one :slight_smile:

Apparently now my max is $60 :-
Can the cafe racer do it?


i think a cafe racer will do… however i dont know how “hoppy” it will be… i have one on the way… if you still havnt made up your mind by then, ill give you some better detail :wink:


Even for fast style and fast horizontals?


Push for a few more bucks and get the Phenomizm.


Actually, my parents let me order to 90 again haha.
I have one already. What about the burnside?