Speed Yoyo?

As of lately I have been wanting a very fast playing yoyo. Ones I have looked at include…
the PHENOMizm,
Yoyo Recreation Triad,
2014 One Drop V-Shape Benchmark,
RecRev 3rd gen. Octave,
C3 Level 6,
and the C3 Accelerator.
I have owned the Dark Magic II and the New Breed and I am not sure I like the feel of those, so would it be safe to say the Phenomizm and Triad would not be for me? Other suggestions are definitely welcome as long as they are under $80. Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions. :slight_smile:

I have tried the PHENOMizm, the Level 6, and the Triad.

The PHENOMizm is the fastest of the bunch, especially after removing the caps. No slouch, just speed. The only problem with it is that it’s not very stable; it tends to change planes quite easily which can be an issue for some people. Likely due to the rims being placed towards the center rather than the rims, but that’s what gives it its speed.

The Level 6 feels a bit heavier and floatier than the PHENOMizm. Good stability, good speed, great all around yo-yo.

The Triad is just a beast, and the best of the three IMO. The massive weight rings placed on the rims gives it unreal stability. It plays a little heavy but it should have no problems keeping up with the PHENOMizm.

One thing that would be nice is to be able to do decent grinds (thumb, finger, horizontal, palm). Its not a deal breaker if I can’t, but it would be nice.

How about this guy:


Have you used it before? If so, how are grinds? Any general thoughts on it?

CLYW Scout is a pretty quick yoyo, really good player, very good for speed and awesome stability. Finger spins are out of the question though because of the axle hub. There’s some dropping on the 6th!

Try an OD Gradient! They are really fast and pretty stable. Definitely a good one if you are looking to up your speed.

Nifty is amazing! All the grinds are intact, including fingerspins. Light weight and not intensely rim-weighted means that it is zippy in play as well.

Nifty is a really nice yoyo. You should get one!

Yoyofficer are absolute masters of making fast yoyos.
You will not be disappointed with either:

Kilter 2

My favourite SPEED yoyo is the Lunar Wind. So, so fast. It’s beadblasted, and the surface is great for grinds. It’s possible to thumb grind too, though it doesn’t have much of a lip. It also has matador spikes, which I find a lot of fun to play around with.

If you’re set on ordering from YYE, I’d pick the Kilter2. It’s also very fast and has a beadblasted surface, great for grinds. Difficult to thumb grind, but it’s great for fingerspins. For the price, nothing else comes close…

Phenomizm is just insanity, I shouldn’t have sold mine, no cap Phenom comes in the close second which is more solid and smoother than the Phenomizm. The newer Phenom is lighter as far as I know.
Triad is cool, but a friend had one which had vibe after like a few dings, also it’s somewhat uncomfortable, it has the sharp teeth part on the rim that are just decoration I suppose.
Level 6 is not too “speedy”, although you can if you want.
Adegle PSG is good for speed, but not too stable.
I personally like the Speeder, though it has high wall and is unstable if you’re sloppy, I think newer yoyos are just too forgiving that they “taught” you to be sloppy. Just play it for a while, once you start playing more precisely, then you’ll see what this beast is all about.

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I’d go with either a accelerator or a triad there realisiang the revised model at worlds

C3 MOVE was released at worlds. Not sure of the price yet but it seems like it’ll be pretty fast and great for finger spins.

Hi, I am a speed player. I have tried alot of yoyo and I really focus them on speed. Now I tried the nifty and for me it is no where close fast enough for my standard. For high end speed there is the draupnir, berserk ss, Anglam and Anglam CC, P.Wave. other fast yoyo include Duncan Barracuda. Yo-yo factory Aviator. Irony JPX . Sorry I forgot under 80 The benchmark V. Triad and level 6.