One of them. For sure!

OK, now that that has been taken care of:

Seems the Hiroyuki Suzuki signature models by YYJ are what you’re after. He’s after a stable and fast playing yoyo to go with his style. I’ve got the Speeder 2 and now I want to pick up a few other of his designs, even thought I don’t play fast yet myself. But, there’s a recommendation. I’d wait for others to give their 2-cents worth and then weigh the information to start your search for a fast, stable yoyo.

Comparatively speaking, the One Drop Code 1 plays very stable but seems a bit on the slower side, which I like better. I’m new. Slow is good.

Since you prefer to use all capitals, I’m going to say PHENOM.

Pretty much…


popstar for sure

Not at all. More like a drunk rock on a string. lol

Well, in general, stable and fast don’t really go together (in my experience). So for speed, I would probably say Werrd Pacquiao (I’ve never tried one but it’s 49 g’s). For stability, the most stable yoyo I’ve ever played is the avalanche.

YoYoJam PHENOM and PHENOMizm are both stable and VERY FAST. Pretty pricey though. . .

If you can find one, Turning Point Positron rules the land of fast and stable. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know any cheap, but very fast yoyos?

YYJ speeder 2… by far

Watch the vid on this page, thats about as fast as it gets.

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I don’t think there’s a yoyo named after my sister.

(Don’t ask…)

The Speeder 2 is on the more affordable side at around $45 and was designed for both fast AND stable. Of course, if you’ve got a bad throw in the first place, nothing is going to help you. I have one and I like it.

Speeder 2 is awesome. It is one of the best values in yo-yos out there. Stable, fast and cheap!

The new YYJ X-Con that is coming out is super-stable and fast. There is also the YYJ Karma.

For both stability and speed the Phenom is difficult to beat. The price, however, is a bit daunting. If you have the $$, the Phenom is in a class by itself.

I also LOVE the CLYW Gnarwhal. It is in the same league with the Avalanche for stability and is pretty fast on the string You can’t go wrong with this one.

The YYJ Speeder 2 is a sure bet.

I have been a fan of the speeder since i got the 2006 Christmas edition of the Speeder.
Very nimble, very fast.


The Whip

I’d say, anything by YYR. Just go watch their players, definition of fast and stable. Out of all of them, I’d recommend the Sleipnir or Messiah. BUT, they are VERY pricey.

st. eel

as stated before, speeder 2 is a great option for fast, stable and cheap yoyo.

Either that, or wait for the Chaser.