HELP! Speedy and Stable yoyo


Im looking to try something new and i want a fast and stable yoyo that i would be able to get for under 100. im thinking of the code 2, capless, supernova/lite, and the cascade. which ones of these dominate in speed, stability, and smoothness and if you dont mind saying any personal preferences. also if you think there are better choices than these that i could consider please let me know.


Get a yuuksta


No no no, If you’ve got 100 Go for the Supernova, genesis, or a trinity by yoyojam. The supernova is your best choice by far genesis second and well trinity third ;).


Toxic HaZMat ALL THE WAY! it’s fast stable and machined by ONEDROP! :smiley:


Supernova is still better for the price, it won bet yoyo election fir 2012;)


Code 2 is everything I can think of, stock.

Other choices would be the Burnside and Trident. If the KLR was available, I’d say get that.

The Cascade is weighted differently and is for more finesse and a bit slower play. Pushed, the Cascade gladly responds, but it likes a slightly slower pace.

I can’t think anything bad of your other choices.


The HaZMat was not in the election…


any of mickey’s signatures fit the bill for speedy and stable. If you can find an irony for under $100 in the bst that would also be perfect for what you’re looking for.


Any c3’s under 100 are nice throws.


speedy AND stable? you want everything.


I’m thinking that about the Cascade also, but the Code2 is very stable and it likes a fairly speedy pace


Capless with a Trifecta is pretty dang zippy on the string if you ask me


If you want dead smooth 888x.