best 1A yoyo for price 70-180

I like fast stable yoyos like the chief. Please help cant decide what to get

Then how about getting a Chief?

Artic Circle?

Code 2?

Basically, if you’re not getting stable at anything above $35, I’d be rather angry.

Help us out here. You’ve mentioned the Chief, which I think most of us will agree that this is an amazing yoyo. What else do you have and like and what features and dimensions are of interest to you?

There’s way too big of a variety in that big of a price range. That’s basically every high end metal, aside from ti, and maybe some japanese stuff.
That, and there’s no best yoyo. But like studio said, perhaps give us a better idea what you’re looking for, and we can try to help.

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To me, if i have money that much i would buy any yyr depending on my preference.

^agreed. get a yoyorecreation. They’re very fast and very stable.

The fastest yoyo I have yet to play is the TenYoYo DropBear, and it maxes out at around $130. :slight_smile:

A chief is a bit oversized but plays smooth and spins loooooooong.

trVth all day😉

  1. Chief
  2. Avalanche
  3. Arctic Circle
  4. Burnside
  5. Code 2

I love my code 2, it would be a great choice!!
Also I hear all yoyorecreation have all amazing throws and the turning point positron would be good.

This guys got the right idea.
Id add Irony JP and Cliff too!

C3 bezerker or yyr