Whats a good fast yoyo?

I was thinking about getting another yoyo and Im looking for a fast yoyo
whats a good one?
price range:under $150
note:(I have a genesis its a solid smooth stable yoyo.)

write somthing :slight_smile:
but please dont put yyf equallateral

Do you already own a CLYW?

If not, join the club and get a Chief or Avalanche.

Or kill 2 birds with one stone and get a Summit.

All of these are great choices that will blow your Genesis out of the water.

What’s wrong with the Equilateral? It meets all your needs.

I’d say Anglam, but you’re way under a budget for that or even an Anglam. Positron ain’t an option. recRev Freq.Wave ain’t an option as you can’t get them.

I’d say the Chief, AC, BvMr2, Code 2 are but a few that would work good for you. Phenom seems a natural choice as well.

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“Fast” always confuses me. I think how fast a yoyo plays mostly depends on who’s using it in most cases.

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Get yourself a YYR Sleipnir before they (temporarily) discontinue them. It absolutely flies.


Code1 . Fast, stable, and floaty.
Chief. Also fast stable and floaty.

With that price range i’d say a Uragment/Fragment or Messiah. The Uragment i just got is by far the fastest thing i’ve ever played, honestly i was kinda like Vega where i didn’t really buy the concept of a yoyo itself having speed, but the Uragment definitely changed my opinion on that.

I suggest the Square Wheels Rockefeller, that dude it’s a quickie. It’s rumored to be coming out June 7th…