Looking for a Speedy yoyo

Ok forums I have 130 and am looking for a new yoyo on the speedy side recommendations

I’ve been playing a YYF Equilateral for a couple days now, and that thing can get up going super fast, plus its super stable and extremely long spinning. I might go for that. The butcher by Rebellion is also pretty speedy, and It’s really cheap!


The Puffin 2 and Scout from CLYW both retail for $130. I highly recommend the Puffin 2; it’s a great yoyo. Unlike the Puff2, I don’t own, and haven’t tried the Scout yet, but I hear it’s also quite fast.


Are there any amplitudes left In stock

And what about the bonfire

Bonfire’s a chill yoyo.

I don’t think there are any Amps left on YYE, but there should be some in great condition on the BST.

I’m selling a mint one

Maybee the gradient

Amplitude for sure. Also yoyoJoker Perceptor with a D bearing is just ridiculously speedy. So light and just flies. Nobunaga is pretty good. Older Superstar with hub stacks removed.

bonfire is pretty fast already


PM me if your interested in a amplitude. I know a store with a good deal.

Believe it or not, T1 is pretty darn fast.

I don’t have a whole lot of Yo-Yos that have come out in recent time, but from personal experience with a Puffin 2, I can say it will move fast quite comfortably if you push it. My original Speeder also feels great at high speed, but you can’t even get those anymore.

I found my One Drop Y-factor to be much faster than what I’m used to. I typically throw yoyos that have a little more “meat” to them so the Y-factor took some getting used to. Price is relatively cheaper but the quality is right up there. It is an undersized throw though so if that’s not your cup of tea, may look at some of the CLYW’s that were mentioned.

Kys rapid or rapid light

sleipnir is pretty fast there are still some on the manufacturers site. They are for 135 and there is free shipping for orders over 100.

The Perceptor is not light at all. It’s over 68 grams.