YoYo for playing fast


I am looking for a v shaped yoyo that is great for playing fast and horizontal and is light as well as buttery smooth. no yyjs and no yyfs.


How about the spyy supra


The Supra is excellent, but it isn’t light.

Try a Pacquaio, known to be a lightning-quick player, which I can confirm. Only issue is, it’s an organic shape rather than V-shape.


Light, stable, fast, smooth, V, just what the doctor ordered:


No one mentioned the Phenom or the Speeder 2? I am disappointed, the phenom my friend has plays extremely well when pushed up to a fast pace.

personally I like my SPYY addiction because the balance lets me go faster than some other throws and it’s stable enough to do anything.

I felt that it was even easier to play quick that the speed freak, specifically because of the weight balance, the speed freak you can tell the rim weight was pushed out, I felt the speed freak actually felt like a yoyo in between the pro and the addiction even though it was lighter than both of those. straight rim weight tends to make yoyos play a lot heavier, the G5 that I’ve got that’s something like 64 g without stacks feels like 68g in that same configuration.

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Well… that’s because this:


does the spyy Radian play fast and is it buttery smooth


the SPYY Radian is a heavier yoyo, the MK2 and MK3 were 68.5 g if I remember correctly and the gen 2 is listed as 66.5 g, though I haven’t personally played the gen 2, most SPYY product will be amazingly smooth if you’re purchasing brand new.

For me the yoyos I can really play to the limit of speed are the more stable ones, if I try to push my speedmaker as fast(not just fast, but to extremes of what my hands are capable) as possible it usually ends with it tilting quickly and ending in a twisted string.

Perhaps consider looking into V shape yoyos such as the werrd Irony(previously mentioned) or ILYY Valve/Verve or some YYR


Dude I know you said no yyj or yyj but have untried the next level? It is literally one of the best yoyos I’ve ever tried( and I have a positron and a sky walker). Usually I really dislike yyj yoyos but this thing is amazing. I tried it earlier today thinking I would hate it and it was AMAZING.vits smooth stable fast has a great v shape and is great for horizontal. And it’s pretty light too. Surprisingly awesome yoyo. Much better than the inspire. Also try the sky walker that is one of the single greatest yoyos ever made( in my opinion).


what about the something anglam or any of the c3yoyodesigns


C3yoyodesign yoyos are mostly h shape

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They seem very V shaped to me!


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the dropbear by ten yoyo is perfect for you its fast, great for horizontal, v shaped, and super smooth + its beadblasted for great grinds: all your wants, its my favorite yoyo right now


Yeah, I tried a next level and it just blew my mind. just a little bit. It’s THAT good. IMO the best high end yyj ever but I haven’t tried most of thier over $100 yoyos. It’s still really good


drop bear is pretty h shaped to me


Skylines are incredibly fast


The best V-Shaped you I have ever played is the yoyoMonster Dual.

Very fast, very smooth and not grabby like some V-shapes are prone to be. I love mine.


one drop markmont next… weight… speed. solid throw. i got one if u wanna trade

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3yo3 ti5