Yoyo built for speed?

What do you think is one of the fastest playing yoyos out there? I know stuff like the Phenom and Speedmaker were built for speed, any thing else? The new ILYY Greyhound looks fast, has somebody tried it yet? And I know the player can make a huge difference in speed of play, but right now I’m asking about the yoyos themselves. Angular throws are what seems to make a difference right now. Thoughts?

Anything relatively light or anything with a high percentage of weight in the middle.

Also anything that’s a combination of the two.

As stated above yoyos lighter in weight generally move at a quicker speed. Along with weight the shape of the yoyo is another attribute to speed. V shapes are generally the easiest to move around while rounded shapes are generally slower

The Catalyst really surprised me with how fast it is. It’s up there with my Protostar and Phenom for speed.


SPYY Speed Freak

I’ve heard that Skylines are pretty fast… I’ve never owned one though, so you may want to look into it…

The X3 LaGoutte is the only throw I’ve tried so far that actually feels faster than me. Not that I’m an amazing player or anything, but you almost always get a sense of a yoyo’s weight when you’re trying to move it around, even if just a little bit. But the LaGoutte, I just try to go faster and faster and it still feels light as a feather. It’s not in my way at all, I’m in its way.

The Spyy Pro is also pretty close and feels very similar to the LaGoutte in most ways.

Meteor. I thought my protostar was fast, then I got a Meteor.

the first thing that came to mind when I read the title: Phenom (or phenomizm)
Also the irony can play really fast. Like you said, the angular design helps. It balances the weight right. Plus it also allows for easier horizontal play.

I agree with everything said so far, it seems like anything light, angular, and balanced plays fast.

On the subject of horizontal play, most fast yoyos are great for horizontal, right? It would seem that they kind of go hand-in-hand.

i feel like wooly marmots are built for speed too. You can choose your speed with those and thats what i like about them. I gotta find an oversized one or request that CLYW make one. They wont play as fast, just close to it, but it goes to show that you dont need an angled yoyo to play fast.

An oversized Marmot is a Peak. Actually it’s the other way around, but yeah.

My Dietz on ultralights seams to book it pretty well. To fast for me. :-\

My Primo seems pretty fast.

Also most ‘A’ bearing yoyos I’ve tried are fast.

Yyf starbrite is very quick. Too fast. I lose control.