Features of a yoyo that makes speed playing easier

I have seen quite a few yoyo descriptions of yoyos on yoyo retail sites and I realised that the speeder description stated that it is built for speed play while the New Breed description stated that the even weight destribution allows it to go as fast or slow as the player need it to, while on yoyonation, the C13 page states that the YoYoFactory C13 yo-yo plays smooth and fast. This left me wondering, what exactly in a yoyo contributes to speed(or fast, whatever you call it) play. What do you think?

This is what I think.

Lightness, weight distribution, aerodynamics.

Lightness - The lighter it is, the easier it is to swing around.

Weight distribution - The heavier in the rims, the more stable it will be, so it can be swung around without losing its stability and die.
But if it is evenly weighted, it can be easily adjusted. Thats why meteors are easy to do sideway tricks on.

Aerodynamics - Cutting shape = Cut through air = fast.

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everything rsmod said is true.
light yoyo’s tend to be easier to swing around like my velocity
the new breed has better weight distribution which allows more control with the yoyo.

In addition to Rsmod’s factors, I think Size belongs up there. If the yoyo is smaller, it can navigate complex structures easier than a larger yoyo, because it gets less in the way.