Best yoyo for slower play??


I just tried the YYF super g hoping it would be better for slower play than the YYF equilateral was, however i must say i was somewhat disappointed. anyone have any suggestions for a yoyo more designed for slow intricate tricks (preferably under $130)?


Playing slower will definitely help more than a new yoyo. :wink:

The speed of a yoyo largely depends on how fast it hits the end of the string on initial throw, and then on overall mass of the yoyo. If you’re comparing a bunch of full-sized 66g yoyos, they’re going to be almost equally “fast” once you’ve made your first direction change.

In other words, speed is dependent on the player first, and the yoyo second.


Heavy bigger yoyos will play slower. Added rim weight will of course help too. Maybe something like the Deuxieme, ozone or 1st gen octave


Slower Play, I would say a Summit with Discs. A rock, but changes direction so easily. But it’s a stability monster.

Also, a Flow By Spin Dynamics, can be played slow, but also relatively fast