need suggestions for new yoyo.

I’m looking for a new yoyo. I want something that is heavy, quite stable, long spinning, and can move slow. I would also prefer it under $50. Does anyone have any suggestions.

how about a yyf Northstar? its $35 and is pretty heavy.

and stable

northstar would be an awesome choice.

Northstar is heavy and stable. It moves slower than the lighter Protostar.

dv888 feels heavy for it’s size. Stable. You do really feel it on the string, but it’s not a bad thing. It can move slow.

I find issues such as long spinning are really tied to throw technique, and of course a well broken in bearing(regardless of brand), although some do spin longer than others. But really, there’s a point where you have more than sufficient speed and spin times to complete first one trick, then multiple tricks and combos

I also find that stability is also tied to the throw and throw technique and skill maneuvering the yoyo. Also, knowing how to correct a titled throw is important as well, but is done so by creating some friction when you pull that string, which will lessen spin time and speed.

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Does anyone know if DMII would be good?

I played with a Dark Magic 2 a few times. My friend has one. It is kind of heavy. Really long spin. It is stable. Choosing a new yoyo can be hard sometimes, since there are so many good ones. What you get depends on preference.

I would recommend the Dv888 but it is kinda slow. If you’re going for under 50, I’m going to assume you’re not THAT experienced so that shouldn’t be a problem. It wasn’t for me when I bought it

There’s so much stuff under $50 that meets the generic criteria the OP is requesting.

That would include the DM2 as well. That’s another proven favorite. The SR-71 might be another candidate. The Cerberus is nearly 60mm in diameter, so that’s oversized but OK on your weight goals. You might also consider the New Breed.

I have a preference for stuff on the heavier side but I do play anything.

With specs, we can state things like “full sized, oversized, undersized” and people can get a reasonable estimate of what you want regarding size. With weight, heavy to me seems to be 68 grams and up.

Bang for the buck, it’s the DM2 or the Northstar OR Protostar. Don’t let the fact that the YYF’s are plastics, they are still amazing. If you want to drop down a big in price, but up in weight and size, the YYJ Chaser is ideal. The Legacy II ain’t bad either.

I’ve actually been yoyoing for a decent amount of time. I’m just low on cash. :’(

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I’d also recommend almost any of the YYJ Bi-Metals, not the dark magic though… I hated it.

Look at the yyf protostar or Die-nasty

I recommend the northstar its’s heavy and pretty slow. If you move your budget up $5 you can get the recrev sharp