dark magic, protostar,dv88, others?

So Im thinking of gettinga yoyo for mybirthday in 2 months… im thinking dark magic, protostar, or dv88, but if you have another recommendation, thats cool too. Ok, so… Im doing 1a, i can bind, and im up to the adv. Pt2-expert level tricka on this site, but ill probably progress to expert-master level in 2 monthswhen i birthday comes. Right now, i generally use a yyf velocity and yyf ONE. I prefer a yoyo on the heavier side around 70 grams but i dont mind a lighter yoyo, weight isnt too big of a deal. I dont really care much about the shape either. Id like a yoyo that can thumb grind, doesnt have to be amaxing but just enough to beable to thumb grind without too much difficulty. Im willing to buy anything up to $50 but nothing more. I havent exactly tried a varietyof response systems so i cant say which is my preference sadly. I prefer the brand yoyojam but again, the brand doesnt make that big of a deal. Alright, some last few stuff… id like a yoyo that canbind pretty easily, and has a nice, long sleep time. I also like a yoyo that can play a little on the quicker side, and obviously plays smoothly.Well… thats about it… So id really like some recommendations and ur thoughts on the dark magic, protostar, and dv888. Thanks a lot guys!

I like the DM2 and the Protostar. I own and am not a big fan of the dv888 but it is good, just not a good match for me.

The DM2 needs the caps removed to thumb grind. The Protostar is tough to do this with due to the caps and weight rings. The dv888 can do this as-is(no caps, massive rims) but with no IRG ring, it’s not the easiest thing in the world.

Bind easily? Work on your bind and you can easily bind any yoyo back.

I think you want a Capless. It’s gonna give you everything you need but the weight, but you’ll be fine. Design can trump weight if done right, and honestly, most yoyos have this done right. The dv888 is a heavy playing undersized, due to the massive rims that are needed to provide sufficient weight and also adds to its stability. Another option I’d consider is the DiBase but it’s more mid-sized, but I like it. Unfortunately, the DiBase and Capless are over your target number.

Another option might be the over-sized and massively fun God Tricks Bounty Hunter. It’s under $50.

I also like YYJ but I think in the case of what you’re after, you can look at the Trigger, but thumb grinds are a bit awkward due to the weight ring having no rim to hold onto your thumb tip on the grind. Great arm and finger grinder, great shape, fantastic spin time. Like the Protostar, it’s noisy and there’s nothing you can do about that. However, the thin celcon on the rims has had multiple reports of breaking. I have 2 Triggers and don’t have this issue. However, this yoyo was designed for 1A and 5A, and 5A players seem to have the most issues with this yoyo breaking when the yoyo drops.

I wouldn’t recommend against the DM2 ever, it’s still a favorite of mine. It will do what you want the way you want but as I said, if you want thumb grinds, you have to remove the caps, which reduces weight a little bit(it won’t affect play). Loads of people do this. This yoyo can take you from zero to hero if you want it to. I would recommend cleaning out the YYJ Speed bearing. I’ve recently gotten some new YYJ’s and I have had to clean the bearings. For me, this isn’t a big deal as I clean out most of my bearings anyways. The bearing in my H3X was spinning 12 seconds, and after cleaning is spinning almost 40 seconds(on a flick). I find on average the YYJ Speed bearing stock almost always benefits from cleaning, often approaching(if not exceeding) 30 seconds of spin on a flick.

ill look into the bounty hunter and trigger :slight_smile: i feel like the dm2 would be th esafest choice since pretty much everyone likes it. Other yoyos could be better but it may not suit me, and i feel like the dm2 works for everyone… idk, ill look into those 2 and think about it :slight_smile:

Those are all amazing choices, but the yoyofactory northstar is heavy, and a great shape (protostar). I would say that the trigger, dm2 and northstar are the best choices.

Yoyoofficer is a great brand with great throws


The DM2 is really solid