Getting back into yoing, advice pls


I took up yoing in 1998 and stopped around 2002.

I’ve had bumblebees, henrys vipers, superyo renegades, yyj doc pop super spinfaktors (my fave to date).

I tried to get back into yoing a few years ago and bought a difeyo gto. I learnt to bind fine, but didn’t really like the feel of this yo. Couldn’t tell the yoyo was spinning even though it would sleep for ages (maybe this is what i have read as being too floaty?). I preferrd the feel of the doc pop as you could tell when you had thrown a solid sleeper and the yo felt heavier!

I would say i am an intermediate to advanced player.

I have a £35 limit and can get a yyj dm2, sr-71, cerberus, but i have read a lot of good things about the dv888 etc.

I think the yyj lines appeal as you get a responsive and unresponsive bearing, but i primarily want something which sleeps for ages and is best for string tricks requiring a wide gap (i.e. can be loaded with string and wont slow much), and plays fastish and smooth with little wobble and is forgiving on the not so perfect throws(!). I do not mind whether the yo is a bit on the bigger side or regular size if it means the yo plays better and i’ll be landing more and more complicated tricks.

Any help appreciated

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If you are worried about when the yoyo is spinning, you might want to get a yoyo that has a bit if a vibe (It wobbles a little bit)

I would suggest the Northstar by YYF, but if you want responsive and unresponsive, the Dark Magic 2 is the way to go.


Thanks for the reply. Tempted by the northstar now having seen some vids. Would you rate the dm2over the sr-71?

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I havent tried the sr-71 but I own a dark magic 2, but I know there are some people on here who have tried both.

Just wait a lil bit and they’ll post something (Hopefully :stuck_out_tongue: )


The DV888 is an undersized yoyo and it is all metal which gives it a nice weight, making it good for faster tricks, also, the gap is very wide. I can land a quadruple trapeze and it hardly slows.


but for a little more you can get a Di base or halo that can perform with anything you throw at it am for a little less you can get a North Star which will do the same I honestly prefer all three of these above the dv888


I’m more and more drawn to the northstar! Finding it difficult to find anywhere that has it in stock in the UK. It’ cheaper than the yyj dm2 and sr-71 by a little too. If i can’t get it for a good price in the UK i’ll have to settle for a dm2 or sr-71…


I hate to add something new to the mix, but I have always liked the Protostar more than the Northstar. They are the same price I think… You might want to consider that. I have experienced a lot of Northstars cracking.


Are the prostar and north star essentially the same. I’ll do some research into these two…


And there’s also the ShaqlerStar. :wink: I can’t recall, but I believe it’s more Northstar than Protostar.


I played one at Nationals. I have a Northstar and a Protostar. It played closer to a Northstar. It’s like it WANTS to be a Northstar, but didn’t want to really commit fully. It’s not bad, just wasn’t really clicking with me. I’d take a Northstar or a Protostar over it any day.


You should try a YoYoJam Trigger. I’ve never played a Northstar or Protostar, but the Trigger is a very good player. Quick, light, and fantastic.


All the throws the people above have suggested are all great yoyos. If you want an economy unresponsive yoyo, you can go with the ShaqlerStar or the Trigger. If you have money to spend, I suggest you look into C3YoYoDesign and sOMEThING’s cheaper yoyos.

Yoyos aside, what tricks can you do?

And welcome back to yoyoing! :smiley:


It is a North Star. Just tricked out.


The only difference from the Northstar and the ShaqlerStar is that the ShaqlerStar is made in a completely different mold to prevent further cracking and the feeling is more solid. One of the YYF guys told me it and I thought it was interesting :]


Thanks guys. I went for the Green and black Northstar in the end with 5 xl type 6 slick strings. Came to £35 with delivery (not many places had stock and this seemed to be the best price) in the UK.

Really looking forward mastering some new tricks.

I used to be able to do splitting the atoms, cold fusions, kwijibos, supermans, white buddhas, houdini drop type things, kamikazes etc, but i’ll need to take a refresher course i think as i cant remember what the movements were anymore!


Watch some videos and practice. I bet it comes back to you quickly.

Enjoy your new yoyo!