Best yoyo for me?


Hi, I’ve posted a couple times and narrowed down my list of yoyos that i want to get.
but first, Let me tell you about myself
I’ve only used a duncan butterfly and Yoyojam journey. My main yoyo is the journey, though. I like its shape, but I’ve never used an H shape before. Its weight is okay. I’m not sure about the size or how much play (i don’t really know what “play” is) it has, but I want a yoyo that will spin longer and is completely unresponsive so I can do more looping tricks. My main problems with the Journey are that most of my throws it lands sideways, so I guess I want a yoyo with more balance?
Also, what is the difference between the protostar and the northstar?

here are the yoyos i am looking at:
duncan metal drifter
yoyo factory DV888
Zeekio c-4
YoYojam dark magic II
Shinwoo Zen series (not sure their differences?)
yoyofactory northstar/protostar
Foxland Precision – Kats Meow
duncan raptor
recrev sharp
yomega maverick


You just posted a new thread about this the other night. Why not just follow that one?


Well “play” is how well you can play with it. and you might want to make sure you’re throwing a sleeper straight. I know the metal drifter plays great but is not unresponsive out of the box.I hear the Dark Magic II and Raptor are loved but pretty expansive. I also know (though it is not on the list) the legacy is completely unresponsive and I love it.


Although a stabeler yoyo will help, it would probobly be best to practice your throw a bit, before you make a decision. The protostar plays great and was one of my first yoyos, I highly recommend it. It is really stable and plays like a metal. As I said in your other thread, you can’t go wrong with raptor or 4xl (more expensive).


^ Yes, practice your throw you must. Its not the yoyo, its just your throw, you need to practice more. That aside, do you know how to bind? Don’t get those yoyos yet if you don’t. Most beginners, like how I did when I first started, want to jump right in to the deep end, when really, you need to stay in the shallower end fore a bit more. So what I mean is that they always want to go into unresponsive yoyos quickly. Take some time to practice,practice,practice! When I first got my Legacy, I didn’t even know how to bind, oh how frustrated I was! Then I realized I needed to slow down. I then put thick lube on it to make it more responsive. So maybe you could upgrade to a velocity, after all, you can adjust it, so when you are ready to go into unresponsive yoyos, you can just adjust it to be unresponsive, then see how that goes.
If you do know how to bind, then still practice your throw before getting a new yoyo, then I’d prefer maybe the Northstar. I like the Northstar better than the protostar because when ever one of my friends ever had a protostar, it always broke within 6 months. Always. The DV888 is great, but I would just test the Northstar, or some other unresponsive yoyo first before jumping into the world of metal yoyos. Maybe even getting a Dienasty or Starlite/Starbrite might be good too, but maybe not the starbrite because it doesn’t have Center Trac. Depends on what shape you like. So, remember, before geting a metal yoyo, try out a unresponsive yoyo first, then maybe upgrade that, then get a metal yoyo, well maybe after getting 1 unresponsive yoyo, then get a metal one, doesn’t really matter as long as you experiment with unresponsiveness.Also, the darkmagic, that is pretty good too, good for your type, its not full metal too, its not super unresponsive. Hope I helped! :smiley:


make sure you have a clear understanding of what looping is… the yoyos you listed are more ideal for string tricks… not looping… for looping , your gooing to want a more slender imperial shape yoyo like the yyj unleashed or the yyf loop 900…

that out of the way… i generally reccomend the protostar for relativly cheap unresponsive yoyos… it has a nice gap for landing on the string… and has more weight on the rims which means more sleeping capability and more stability, and the angled shape provides less weight in the center for more agile play… and if you like, the northstar is a tad heavier, which means more stable, and more sleep, but a little less manueverable


Yes… looping… love it BUT, you need to know what it is it’s various loops made with the yo-yo if you want a looping yo-yo I started with the Duncan bumble-bee and loved it here maybe this will help




I would suggest the Dark Magic II or the Protostar