Thinking of an upgrade


I have a YYF Whip and I am really satisfied with how it plays. I want to upgrade to something better soon but stay in the YYF family. Anyone have any suggestions on what to get next?

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I would suggest the YYF ProtoStar or YYF Dv888. Two of the best yoyos availble for the price. Seriously, the protostar is of the best yoyos I’ve played.


What are the pros and cons for those two? And which would you choose?

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Well the ProtoStar is plastic while the Dv888 is metal. The ProtoStar is a tad bigger in size than the Dv888. The ProtoStar is cheaper, and in my opinion has better play. Jensen Kimmitt, often regarded as the best yoyoer of all time used the ProtoStar to win 3 contests, and a yoyo similar to win the 2010 World YoYo Contest. I prefer the ProtoStar to the Dv888. But it’s up to you what you get.

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If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Also here’s a pretty cool video of Jensen Kimmitt using the protostar… just showing you that just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it doesn’t play as good as the $100 metals. Cause, honestly, it plays up there with the best metals on the market.



What is the difference between the Protostar and the Northstar?


Just pick one you like. They’re all smooth and all good

If you like bigger stuff I’d stay away from the dv888 but I personally love it

Been eyeballing the shaqluerstar for a while myself since it looks like a fun plastic

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The only difference between the protostar and the northstar is that the northstar weighs two grams more. Also it has a flat side (canvas).


The thing is, I don’t know exactly what I like since I haven’t tried anything other than my Whip. If I choose one based on the way it looks, I feel like I might regret it. BTW, is the Whip one of the bigger yoyos?

What kind of play is a heavier yoyo suited for compared to a lighter one?


Ok because you dont know i will ask you 2 simple questions?

do you want to play fast or slow? and Do you know how to bind?


Yes, I know how to bind. What kind of tricks are associated with fast and slow? (My knowledge of tricks spans all the way to 60% of Advanced Part 1 on this site).

Edit: I am currently practicing Matrix going into a Man on the Flying Trapeze and his Brother with Slack (Learned from and I am liking the way those tricks play out. Idk if that helps figure out what I like. Lol

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I can guarantee you will not regret either decision you make… they’re both incredible. Heavier is geared for smoother, slower play; while lighter is geared for faster play. It really doesn’t matter though.

Also your whip is on the larger side… bigger than a dv888.


It depends on shape, budget and what you’re looking for. I won’t argue against the Protostar and/or Northstar. Fantastic yoyos, fantastic prices. Depends if you want heavier(Northstar) or lighter and faster(Protostar). Great to own.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Stackless Grind Machine is great. The DieNasty and Grind Machine are other choices, all the same basic shape, so should be very familiar to your Whip.

I’m not recommending the Starbright because like the Whip, it’s too light in my opinion, although, I’ve been playing mine a lot lately. Lots of fun, but I think you’d enjoy a Protostar or Northstar more. The Protostar seems to be the favorite of the two. Both are great. I prefer the Northstar more though. Those are my preferences.

At this point in time, I see no reason to stay within the YYF family, there’s a lot of amazing stuff out there.At the same time, it’s sometimes good to intentionally restriction one’s choices. However, I’ll respect your request and not add all sorts of confusion into the mix. I also have all the YYF’s I’ve mentioned.


I’d say the Whip falls into the full-sized category. Both the Northstar and Protostar are phenomenal throws. The fact that they only cost about $35 blows my mind. You can’t go wrong with either of them and it really does come down to preference. For every person who prefers the Protostar there’s another person who prefers the Northstar. If you’re not sure which you’d prefer, I say go with whichever one has the colour that you like.



Thanks for all of your responses, everybody. I think for now, I will get the Protostar. I’m sure I’ll ask a similar question once I want to either upgrade or try something different after the Protostar.

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Fantastic choice. You’ll absolutely love it.

Also enjoy another video because I’m in a ProtoStar/Jensen Kimmitt mood.

Protostars rule.