Northstar/Protostar vs Dv888

So after a lot of deep thought, I have to decided to purchase a single yoyo for myself and one for my friend who’s interested in learning rather than just give myself a Genesis and the luxuries of using it all by myself. Huge sacrifice, but I’m fairly confident these three yoyos won’t let me down.

I currently own a Hitman PRO which I’ve had since early September. I had a DMII Black Spade buuuuut it managed to get lost. </3 :’(

So what I personally am looking for is stability and spin times. My Hitman PRO tends to tilt very often, especially during faster, more aggressive combos. I need something that can stay upright unless I want it to do otherwise. I’m not worried about the lack of grindability considering it doesn’t interest me too much. I am also curious about the weight differences between the Northstar and Protostar; just how large is the difference of play in terms of speed and control? As for the Dv888, I just know it has the exact same specifications as my HMP, but it’s all metal and has an H-shape, and it’s very much capable of handling several tricks.

As for my friend, all he knows is how to bind. So I can trust that he can use an unresponsive yoyo. Would you guys recommend the Northstar for its slower play so he can really work with the tricks and see what’s going on, or should I get him a Protostar so he can speed things up a bit when he feels confident?

I’m not at all asking which is better between the Northstar and Protostar, so much as I’m wondering about specific aspects of their play. And whether or not the Dv888 can do any better than the two. Because it’s tempting to buy the SPLASH verison that’s out but I’d like to save the $20 if it isn’t that major of an upgrade.

I’ll take any suggestions within this selection of three yoyos. Feel free to post opinions as well as straight up facts about them.

Thanks in advance everyone. :slight_smile:

Northstar is full sized and heavy, proto is full sized and light, Dv888 is undersized and kinda mid weighted. They all play about the same IMO, but my Fav BY FARRRR is the protostar because i just like fullsized and light. pick the size, shape and weight that you like the best. really, its that simple. you wont go wrong with any of the three.

I have all three.

Northstar: heavy and slow. I like it. My favorite of those three. I think that’s my favorite YYF that I own.
Protostar: Light and fast, but not too light and not too fast unless you want it to be. No problem grabbing this oen.
dv888: Not bad. Not a favorite but I do carry it everywhere. I should swap it out for something else. It’s good, nothing amazing. Great first metal. It’s undersized, which is where my biggest issue is, because I like full sized. It’s heavy for it’s size when you hold it in your hand, but when it’s going, it’s pretty good feeling.

In general, I’d say the Protostar though. It’s lighter, a big easier to use, and it won’t go too fast unless you really want it to.

I’ve never tried a Northstar, but I have both a Protostar and a DV888. Also a Hitman Pro.

First, a sidenote: I found switching to a Crucial bearing or a Konkave made a huge difference with the tilt of my Hitman Pro. Like having a new, awesom-er yoyo.

Now, the advice: I enjoy both my Protostar and my DV888, but the Protostar is a true legend while the DV888 is an enjoyable diversion.

The Protostar is sooooo stable, and has a really solid spin that resists tilt and will put up with anything. The included Center Trac bearing is wonderful, though a bit loud. The V shape catches tricks like Eli Hops perfectly without tilting. The Protostar is easily as technically capable as any $100+ yoyo I own. For me, the only real downside is that it sounds plastic while it’s spinning, but that’s a small knock.

The DV888 is a lot of fun, and it has a nice small size and shape, but it’s not nearly as stable as a Protostar. It’s all-metal and has a beautiful, quiet sound while spinning with the included SPEC bearing, and with straight throws gives good play, but I’m not going to remember it 10 years from now like I will my Protostar.

I used to work at a toy store that sold YYF yoyos, and I would typically recommend a Protostar over a DV888 unless the yoyoer specifically preferred metal or already had a Protostar.

Those are my thoughts, take them as you like.

UPDATE: One more point: You said you don’t care much for grinds, so I didn’t mention it, but the DV888 is surprisingly awesome for grinds while the Protostar is not at all a grinding yoyo. If a person really digs grinding and has a $50 yoyo budget, the DV888 is not a bad choice.