dv888 or protostar

I was wondering which yoyo I should get. I only have undersized yoyo’s so mabbey it would be a good idea to get the protostar? I want a yoyo that can do multiple wraps. Good spin time. It doesn’t matter if
the bearing is loud.

I have looked at sevaral reviews and these yoyo’s meet my expetations. I would like to know which you think I should get or which you like better and why. Thanks for your help

Both have good spin time and can do multiple wraps. The choice is yours.

The Protostar is somewhat large and more H-shape. The DV888 is somewhat small and flat rimmed.

I have both, The protostar kind off spins more and is more stable. The dv888 has a blasted finish so it grinds well. On smoothness they are about the same, both have a very slight vibe. Something that I don´t like about the protostar is that its spacer and bearing are really stuck together and the spacer´s metal is very soft. The most comfortable when holding in the hand is the dv888. The protostar feels floaty and fast. The Dv888 feels solid and easy to move.

I would say its up to you to choose, you won’t be disapointed by either. What about a protege, has the size of the dv888 and has the shape of a protostar.

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I was about to get a dv888 for myself, until I came across the Yuuksta (and I picked Yuuksta).
Yuuksta is about the same price and quality as dv888, but has a shape similar to Genesis, which is believed to be really really stable.
Yuuksta also came with (it might still come with) the center track bearing.

Of your two choices, I prefer the feel of metal, because it keeps my hand cool and is heavier for its size.

Its obvios that metal has more density than plastic, but if you see a severe and a protostar wich are similar in shape and they weight the same. You can have 67 gram plastic and a 67 gram metal and the metal might feel light and the plastic heavy, the feel of weight that a yoyo give is because of the weight distribution.

I have found the dv to be smoother than the protostar

Overall I recommend the dv888

^ I agree.