dv888 vs protostar

Not which one is better just smoother or spin time [on average] and stability and does one play faster slower. all that.

I like both. The spin time is a bit better on the protostar because of the center trac but I would get the dv888. Plus the dv has better speed. They are very alike but the dv can grind. Stabity I think the dv is better. The north star is like the proto star but more stability.

The CT bearing doesn’t help the Protostar and Northstar much if any. CT bearings do not change spin time, though in rare cases, it helps the string away from the sides of the yoyo in which has never been helpful.
If you have a good throw, a YYJ Kickside spins just as long as a OD 54.

Dv888 is more stable, as because the Protostar is quite light and “hollowed out”. Dv888 is made of metal, also having a heavier feel, it does not seem to go out of balance.

Smoothness, both. Really depends on the bearing. Fully rusted bearing, no good. Good condition flat bearing, good enough. OD 10 ball, quite smooth.

The Protostar plays faster than the Dv888, because of it’s weight, material, and all other matters that affect it as I’m not an expert at physics, but Dv888 also does play a bit heavier. Not too heavy.

Finally, the first time you don’t mention a Duncan Raptor! But yeah man, skeleton is right, I would’ve said the same thing.

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Haha, I didn’t recommend it cause they were asking information about the Dv888 and the Protostar.

i would get the protostar if i were you!
it is really fast and spins faster.
so i think you should get the protostar

So either one is still good no matter what just dv888 is more stable.