DV888 or ProtoStar?


I have both, but i was just wondering which one you like. I like my ProtoStar for 5A and the DV888 for 1A. What do you perfer, what mods, and why??? ;D

(Big Mike) #2

I don’t own either, but I’ve used both, and the Protostar feels too good.


I like the feel of the spin on the protostar, but the feel of metal is soooooo much better.


i disagree with you. i like the feel of a plastic yoyo much better, it just has more personality IMO


I have both. I’m focusing on 1A. I can do a tiny bit of 5A stuff, just a few things, nothing major.

Depends on my mood. It’s not a matter of better, it’s a matter of preference at the time.

I often find myself reaching for my Northstar. However, if we restrict ourselves to those two, I find myself going for the Protostar since it’s phyiscally larger. I like larger sizes better. I think all three of the yoyos I mentioned are good ones most of us should have in our collection. If anything, one could choose either the Protostar or the Northstar if they don’t want both. The dv888 is a very “standard” metal: no frills, nothing exciting, but still good and solid.


I like larger yoyos so, protostar… I also prefer the shape of the protostar over the dv888… but that dosnt mean anything is wrong with the dv888, Its probably just as popular


dv88 all the way in my opinion because you can’t go wrong with it


DV888 is nice, sure, but in terms of practicality the Protostar is a much better choice. If you’re serious with your practicing, go for the Protostar. You can get the DV888 later just for enjoyment, though.


I have both. But, read the fav. Yoyo to the left :wink: