dv888 or protostar

hey I’m going to buy a yoyo. dv888 or proto star

the best player?

thats for you to decide. buy both. ;D

there both great players and the dv888 is on sale but do you wanna spend $10 mor foe a metal player?



It’s your preferences. I love the ProtoStar and think that the Dv888 is OK. I would go with the ProtoStar more for it’s shape, size, and playability.

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I have the protostar, and the only up side of the dv888 is that it is smooth, and you can grind easily with it.

Yeah, but if your going to grind a lot, you’ll have to go with the Dv888.

If i were in your position i would but a protostar. Ive thrown a protostar and dv888 and like the protostar better.

  1. Its cheaper
  2. Its gota better feel and shape
  3. Its plastic so its not going to get dings or scuffs, it might crack but you will have to hit it pretty hard to do that.

ProtoStar FTW!!!

If you like larger or plastic yoyos, buy the protostar.
If you like to grind or like undersized throws, get the dv888.
Personally, I like the dv888 better, but I like small yoyos and most people seem to like larger ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s just your preferences.

this is what i would do. first look at your preferences if you are still not sure what you want then I would see what yoyos i already have. If i had a lot of plastics and wanteda metal then the dv888, but if i had lots of metals then i would get a protostar (and save some cash).

its really up to you and thats what makes it so hard to choose

A lot of people prefer the ProtoStar. I use it for hours. Never had problems with it.


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