dv888 or dingo or protostar

witch of these ???

I have no clue where this should be, but that doesn’t matter. :smiley:
I’ve tried 2 of these 3 and can help out a little.

The Protostar plays great for a plastic with a nice solid feel. Can’t go wrong with it, it’s big though.

The Dingo is a MINI yo-yo. It’s tiny. Plays nicely though for something that small though. More of a novelty yo-yo than a hardcore competition yo-yo.

The DV888 is a nice metal from YYF. Haven’t tried one, but many people agree its a good throw.

You can use this as reference for your decision, as hopefully this helped! :smiley: You may want to look at either the Proto or DV888 before looking at the Dingo.

please list your preferences

It can’t be answered unless you list your preferences, and this should be moved to Looking for Help/recommendation.

i just wonnt a good spinning yoyo ;D

is those better than the x-convict

What other yoyos do you have?

It’s hard to say since you didn’t list preferances or anything, but i’d have to say dv888 because it’s on sale.

I own them all, dont get the Dv888, it has bad binds. I liked it when I didnt understand how many better options there were avalible. The dingo is a nice cheap pocket yoyo, but now that I have the Ministar I dont use it. The protostar is great and cheap, but a little big and a sharp shape for my preferences. I think your smartest decision is to pay 20 more bucks and get a Y-Factor. It definitely on a higher level the the other yoyos your thinking about.

you could always swap the response on the dv888

I definatly have to dissagree with what you say about the DV888 having bad binds, the DV888 is a great yoyo plus its cheaps as chips at the moment.

Out of those, (with my preferences) I would pick the protostar. Its full sized and plays as if it were $100. Oh and: