Quench my thirst!


Is there a yoyo thats less than or equal to $45 and will keep me happy for a long time. Such as which one of the —star yoyos is most recomended? or should I get a Dv888? Or something else?


Not alot of things to narrow the selection by, but here is what I reccomend

1- protostar for its nice spin time, plenty of stability, great speed and nice and agile, also comes with a center track which not only keeps the string from rubbing against the yoyo, but springs better than the standard spec bearing
2- northstar, possibly better spon time and stability than proto, how ever a little slower and less agile… It a little heavier, but also includes the center track
3- any yyj plastic metal hybrid yoyo, all wonderfully designed with many shapes and sizes to choose from, just remember that greater weight on the rim means more momentum for longer spins and more stability, and less weight in the center for a floatier, more quick and agile experience
4- dv888, a very popular metal, very stable and more classic design, but also has more weight in the middle
5- the shinwoo zen series… Lots of options like yyj, all around 45$

Happy throwing!


I got the legacy from a friend and I loved it. I think you grow attached to any yoyo eventually. and yoyos don’t need to be expansive to be awesome.


The proto/northstars provide great playability all around, but the DM2 is a little bit better. You will be satisfied with all of these options. I like the dv888, but it isn’t the most stable and fast throw. It will last long and is a great, I SAY GREAT, first metal throw.


foxlandprecision b grade katz meow or foxlandpresicion foxtail for 4 more $


That looks pretty cool but will it take a c sized bearing(Katz Meow)? How is the horizontals? Is it contest worthy? Instead of pad can you silicone it?

Now I am that much more conflicted


Duncan Raptor is a good choice also and if you are willing to go a little over there is the Metropolis and Echo too.


Keep in mind its all about what suits you best but I think the protostar and northstar play better than the dm2. Jenson kimmit won every contest he entered in 2010 with a protostar except the worlds and he won that with the northstar so I think they are competition proven but that’s just me and my opinion. :slight_smile:


The hspin antipodes is like 30 something, and it’s a good metal. Its only that cheap cause o minor anno flaws, aka tiinnnnnyyyy mini minute bumps. I have it,and it easily beats my proto and northstars.

  1. It’s not a c sized it’s a d but still just a good
  2. It is not that good at horizontals
    3.it is comp. Worthy

I have on and I use it every day great yoyo great price