Alright Folks, Need a bit of advice.

I’m pretty new to throwing, but I’m rather rapidly working my way through the learn section (intermediate, as of right now) of this web site and I felt like planning ahead, so I was learning for a new yoyo to handle the more advanced tricks. Right now I’m throwing a kickside, which I adore, but it doesn’t seem to spin for very long once it hits the string.

I’ve narrowed down, from reading the forums, and browsing reviews and the like, three yoyos that I’m considering, and I was wondering if I could get some informed evaluation of the options:

  1. DV888 (Splash/whatever): I absolutely dig the look and the idea of an all metal yoyo, but from my understanding it is a relatively undersized throw (clocking in at 1.97" instead of the seemingly more normal 2.2"). Being new, I’m not entirely certain how this undersized nature will affect things, so I figured I’d ask here.

  2. Protostar: Seems like a lot of people love this yoyo. It’s full sized, and relatively light weight (at least it seems as such). My understanding is that this throw throws as well, if not better, than some all metals. It does have the center trac bearing, and I didn’t know if that would make me sloppy in my throws or not.

  3. DMII: Another perennial favorite of the forums and many sites. Seems like a very solid throw, but I’ve heard that there can be challenges in making it entirely unresponsive and the spin time may not be as long as the two above. Again, I’ve no experience with it, so I turn to you educated folks to help me out. I also don’t know how it handles on a string, while the other two seem to be built for that kind of play.

Anywho, those are the three that I’ve kinda cobbled together (though I wouldn’t completely rule out other things within the same price range). Any advice or information that you all can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

DM2 spins more than long enough to get you through anything, as does the Protostar and dv888.

It comes down to what you want to spend and do you want a full metal, a plastic or a metal/plastic yoyo, and shape preferences.

I’d take the Protostar or Northstar over the dv888 any day. But, I still go to my DM2 before anything else. I have all those yoyos, so I feel I’m allowed to talk about them.

As far as the dv888 being undersized, not to sound mean, but “deal with it”. It’s a lot of fun. I mean, I’m happy I have it. It’s a great first metal or even a metal to have period. I’d say save the money and get a solid colored one though.

The Protostar, well, it’s a matter of preference and opinion, but I feel it DOES perform better than some metals, INCLUDING that dv888.

Can’t go wrong with the DM2 though. Ignore the short spin time stuff. Your throw will have greater affect on your spins than anything else. Practice! I’m getting close to 3 minutes these days, but that’s a dead hang, no tricks, not a good judge.

You wouldn’t happen to be around Sacramento, would you? I’d like you try all three of those AND anything else I have that you want to try.

I’d narrow your choices to the Protostar and DM2.

Awesome. Thanks for the prompt, succint reply. And I WISH I was around the area. I’m in jacksonville Florida which seems to be a black hole for yoyoers. Haven’t seen anything at all, or anyone at all around here that throws :frowning: seems I’m destined to throw alone.

Just wait until worlds in August.
It’s in Florida, so you’ll meet plenty throwers there.
Also, I would go with the DM2, great yoyo, and it’s not hard to make it unresponsive, all you do is swap out the bearings it comes with, and boom, unresponsive.

Yah. I had heard about worlds. It’s only a couple hours out. No way I’m missing that.

My first and foremost throw is an Adegle Asteroid, and it took me all the way up to advanced part one.
For 16 dollars (and the $11 crucial grooved bearing I got), I think it is a pretty good option.