Which is better?

My grand parents want to get me something for christmas and so I want them to get me a yoyo but I don’t know what would be good, I have these ones here I thought of so which would you say is better? I need something that won’t spin out quickly and that has a long spin time… the max is around $50 but no more than $55 so I was wandering if any of these are good or if there’s another one I should look into and I already have the dark magic…

44Clash Special Edition
The DV888
No. 9

in my opinion I’d forget the north star. The rest are pretty much great. I’m hearing superb things about the No. 9.

Note that the 44Clash Special Edition is very undersized. I found that the small size and H-shape gave me less control over my throw than other yoyos.

Of course, that is my opinion because of my big hands (you might like it), and I’m sure it would spin a long time like you want.

sr-71 is pretty good too.
Out of your choices, I’d pick No.9

I’ve got a Northstar and a No. 9. Both of them are definitely in the top 5 yoyos I’ve thrown. I was especially surprised with how amazing the Northstar is for the price - its performance and stability really blew my mind. Between the Northstar and Protostar, pick based on your weight preference; the Northstar is a bit heavier, which seems to give it a bit more stability and a longer spin in my experience.

The No. 9 plays far above its price point as well - stability and smoothness I’m not used to in such an affordable throw.
But, I’ve heard great things about the DV888 as well and will probably add one to my collection before too long.

I’d probably put No. 9 at the top, followed by the Northstar (or Protostar depending on your weight preferences), then the DV888.

Hope this helps!


Protostar it’s great and super smooth


okay well my grandparents ordered the No. 9 Special edition for me thanks for the help guys!

Great choice, I know you’ll love it! :smiley:

thanks man :slight_smile: