What yoyo?!

Which yoyo should I get? I want a northstar but if you know any more good yoyos tell me.

Budget? Almost any yoyo out there is great.

But for what you said Northstar, I am going to assume around 35 bucks.

Northstar is great, although I prefer Protostar more. Northstar is a bit heavier, (I think 3 grams more, correct me if incorrect), but neither are too light. But on the weight that is felt on hand is a way different format for me. Protostar is very floaty, like compare it to a caps on Legacy and wow, what a difference. Northstar has the “weighted” feel on your hands, I tend to like that.
Every one has a different preference and hand size, so it may vary.

In play they can play the same tricks, any trick, but Reddigsma mentioned in another thread, if you look at it mathematically, Northstar spins longer. Cause of the weight. IDK???

Northstar is beyond an awesome choice. It produces really long spins, good for lacerations, slacks, and all that good stuff.

I loved the protostar because of that floaty feel. If you like lighter feeling yoyos go with the protostar. If you like solid yoyos go northstar. I myself am not a huge fan of the northstar.

Also try out some of the yoyojam bi-metals,the hitman pro,the dark magic 2, the revolution, etc. all play great.
The northstar is not a bad choice either however.

sfx 5 dollers more and way better

No the SFX does not play way better. How? No yoyo is better than the other. Northstar is great, same as Protostar. SFX is great too, you might prefer it a lot, but even if there is a difference, it isn’t way better.

If you compare a Northstar to something like an 888x that proves nothing because you can do all the same tricks on both of them.

True but, if you had the chance to get either a northstar or an 888x witch one would you choose? Also the 888x grinds 10x better then the northstar. Plus as you said it’s all preference, it’s his opinion that the SFX is better.