Fast yoyo?

Hey guys i usually like to play smooth and slow but sometimes i enjoy going fast. Soooo I am looking for a yoyo that was meant to be played fast with.
One that caught my eye was the HSpin Antipodes, but iI dont know if that plays fast or slow. THANKS ;D

Trying looking into a Small Bearing those things are good for speed. But as for speed just look for something not too heavy. What ever you pick should be fine as long as it’s not too heavy. Just find a yoyo you like and look for a review on it to find how the play is.

Any of suzuki’s signatures. (phenom, phenomizm, meteor, etc)

Like Dynikus said. .Phenomizm. Holy crud that thing can go FAST! Any OD side effect yoyo’s (especially Dietz) with ultralights are fast.

I have an Irony from werrd and it is made for fast play and has wonderfull spin times so that might be what you are looking for.

The irony is great :slight_smile:
It really is werrd’s best competition yoyo.

Oh, and another yoyo I didn’t mention that you can get pretty cheap, the beysick can play pretty fast. just got one today, and I love it.

Thanks a bunch guys. And does the yoyo feel like the dv888 or play like it? And what if i said i culd get an HSpin antipodes for really cheap what wuld you say?

does which play like a dv888?
and sounds good. I haven’t really heard much about it, but it’s an Hspin. How bad could it be?

I can play fast with most yoyos cough decently that are under 65g, but look for a supernova lite.

the question if it plays like a dv888 was about a beysick. And the antipodes is 62.5 grams

The beysick plays faster than yhe dv888

I like the whip, it’s really fast

I also like the pacquiao