new yoyo to order, dont know what to get!!!!!!

guys i cant decide what yoyo to order i have a couple of good yoyos like 888x superstar g5 phenomizm phenom axiom and more but i really want something that is insanely good and i want something that is excellent for horizontal play and and at the same time awesome for fast play and even better at grinding. I know i am asking to much but please respond.
P.S. i play fast so i need something like the world’s fastest yoyo hahahaha but if its not good at grinding its ok i only care about speed, spin time, and gap width.

Well, you already have the phenomizm and phenom, and those are designed for speed and that seems to be your primary goal.

I’ll follow this thread, I might learn something. I am planning on purchasing a Speeder 2, but I don’t think that’s going to satisfy all YOUR needs. The grinding is the only issue. Seems most extreme H-shapes do well with horizontal style, at least, that’s what it appears to me.

Get a Speeder 2 and satin it?

Fast yoyo?

SPYY Speed Freak
YYF Skyline (zippy mutha @#@$$)
YYR Blink (BST Time Bro)
YYR Overdrive (BST Again Bro)
Dietz (Aluminum side effects for high speed)

Protostar is on the cheaper side and it’s fast/lightweight. It’s plastic though.

DDDDDD DIETZ! Fast, has side effects, excells at horizontal, and is a great grinder!

SPYY Speed Freak
YYF catalyst
Werrd Irony

Undersized throws like my Yuuksta play very fast too.

I think
OD Code 1 with superlight alumunium side effects
Dietz with superlight alumunium side effects or
Werrd Pacquiao (really light, only 49 grams)