Is a Phenom worth getting?


Is the Phenom woth buying?
Im asking because I want a good fast yoyo.
Also I want a yoyo thats great for horizontal play and I was thinking how about a phenom

is it or no?
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Thankyou :slight_smile:


The Phenom is one of my favorites. I am also a big fan of Mickey and YYJ, but I also like where Mickey has gone off on his own.

First off, the speed. This is a beast for speed and fast play.

Second, horizontal play is also a great feature of this yoyo, but caps or not it’s not ideal for the gyro grind tricks. Remove the caps and you’ll see a peak under the caps, so it’s not an ideal shape inside for those tricks.

It sounds like a spinning can when thrown.

The rims hurt on longer sessions as they are rather “sharp”. These are hard rims with a rather steep angle.

Do I like this? Oh yes I do. I have 2, I want 2 more. Love this yoyo, absolutely.

But, is there other alternatives? Oh yes there are. Check out C3, with their Movitation and other models with flat centers of the halves.

However, if you’re just after horizontal play, there’s so many choices. Most V-shapes with a rise around the response will work fine. That includes the Next Level, Titan 3, Freq.Wav, Chief, AC, and so many more, in fact too many to mention. Heck, even the HEX is a good one for horizontal play, but it’s not as fast as you might want.