phenom vs positron

Well my main inspiration in yoyoing is marcus koh and hiroyuki suzuki and i want a one of their signatures, i dont want to go over 175 bucks and only stock at yoyoexpert not BST, so yeah also please dont say preference tell me which one do you prefer like what would be better at horizontal at spin time at speed so yeah you get ibdont want other recommendations just these two
bonus question how do the phenom stack up against a sleipnir considering the phenom is easier to find and.cheaper

So, you don’t want us to say how preferences are super important, despite the fact how important preferences are. Then you want to throw a third model into the mix.

Speed, spin time and stability: Your three choices are solid here. Non-issue, not worth discussing.

All three are great here. I feel that the Phenom is one of the better ones here, but others will argue the Sleipnir. The Positron’s shape is not as ideal for horizontal but is fine. However, when it comes to finger spin grinds, all three come up short for different reasons. First, the Phenom WITH the cap presents a wide surface so you won’t get a nice finger spin. Without the cap is a spike-type area. The Positron has a hub/nub that prevent good finger spins. The Sleipnier has a flat area which is ideal for finger spins, but the 7075 aluminum is not textured/treated/blasted/anything so finger spins will not be all that great but better than the other three.

What features of horizontal play do you need? If finger spin/gyro grinds are important, it changes your requirements a bit and you might want to broaden your scope. If you just want general horizontal, it doesn’t matter, but I feel the Phenom is a bit better as that was a major element to it’s design.

Grinds: I find all three come up short when it comes to grinds. The Phenom’s caps prevent IRG’s, which aren’t great without the caps, and finger/arm grinds aren’t that great.
I find grinds on the Sleipnir and Positron to be better, but not by much.

The Phenom is turned out in large numbers and is of two more reasonably priced materials, which helps drive the costs down.
I’m not sure what the Positron is made from, it could be 7075 for all I know, but being Japanese, it’s gonna have a high price tag because of the machine shop costs.
The Sleipnir has the same issues as the Positron: machine shop prices PLUS 7075.

Speed: Seems Phenom, then Sleipnir and then Positron. Not a big difference between the three though. This can be debated. This is what I feel I observed.

Of the three, I prefer them in this order: Phenom, Sleipnir, Positron. The Phenom is V shaped. The Sleipnir is a 2-angle V shape. The Positron is more H-like.

A note about the Phenom:
It sounds like a spinning tin can. Removing the caps sheds some weight, speeds it up and reduces this noise a bit. ALSO, take care to note the weight of the yoyo, as different colorways have different weights. The nickel/gold is the heaviest. I think the black/nickel is the lightest. The rest seem to be “normal”.

The sharper rims on the Phenom can hurt in longer play sessions. I don’t get that issue with the Sleipnir or Positron.

Honestly, it really does come down to preferences. I know you’re saying “cop out”, but it’s really true. I prefer V-shapes, they work best for me. The Positron isn’t lacking in any real way, but it’s shape isn’t as ideal of a match for me. Even so, I’m super happy with this yoyo and have no issue with the price I paid. Similarly, the Sleipnir is a better fit for me over the Positron and I have no issue with the price I paid.

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Consider the new magnum

I don’t think blasts help a ton with fingerspins.

Yes they do.

You could also consider sOMEThING which is Mickeys own company

The angle is super fun but to get more onto the ones you asked about. I personally prefer the positrons feel over the phenom. Even through the phenom plays faster than the positron I just like the overall feel on the string of the positron more.

I don’t know the exact allow, but the Positron isn’t 7075. It might be 6075, though I am probably mistaken. I feel like this makes the price unjustified. Otherwise, Studio hit the nail on the head.

It’s wierd then that so many yoyos designed for them don’t have one.

That’s actually because the color isn’t as shiny. People a while back were complaining to yoyofactory because they preferred the shiny yoyos so they stopped producing bead blasted throws and most people followed. One Drop still does soda blasting on some of their stuff but blasting does improve the ability to grind significantly.

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Obviously it helps palm/fingergrinds.