Phenom, Irony or Sleipnir/


all are fast style throws and available to me at a similar price.
I want to pick the one best at slacks and whips from the 3, but also am open to other recommendations. In addition, I already have the ‘izm so if the phenom’ plays too similar to it il probly disregard it

(UmeNagisa) #2

For me it would be the Sleipnir. It is just the most… universal yoyo. Perfect for literally anything, and spins like a truck, and is honestly the one yoyo everyone should own.
The Irony JP is a close second, with more weight and a bit more bulky, but can still reach high speeds.
the Phenom, isn’t in the same league as these 2. The Irony JP (Yes, Imo the JP is the best version) and Sleipnir are top of the line, 2 of the top tier, highest quality yoyos there are. With the JP a tad more bulky and the Sleipnir as a tad more Nimble.
The Phenom just falls short of these,and is more expensive.


Slacks and Whips depend on your string and its tension, not so much on the yoyo you are using.

But that being said, I love my Irony’s. Either edition has been great for any trick I throw at it.

My advice is pick the one you like the look of best, and work on keep your string tension in the sweet spot.


go for Sleipnir :wink:


I would have to say irony JP 2k13


I’m not going to cover the Phenom, as i’ve never tried one;
They’re both long spinning, super stable and hefty. The Sleipnir may be a bit more agile, while the Irony may have a bit more spin.


I don’t think of the Irony JP as a “fast style” yoyo. However, from what little I’ve played those 3 yoyos, it’s still the most interesting to me. I find the Sleipnir bland (perhaps because it’s so universal like aznnboyaZ describes!) and while the Phenom is a great little yoyo I do not think it’s quite worth the asking price.




Irony JP 2k13 is my absolute favorite yo-yo. Sleipnir is excellent as well but I personally like the feel of the JP better. I think the Phenom definitely lags behind the other two unless you can get it at a good price.


Trucks should not spin. If you see a spinning truck, please call 911. :smiley: