Puffin 2 vs sleipnir vs Armament

The title says it all. I really like smooth, fast and light yoyos. Which one best suits my style?

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Sleipnir.

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The Armament seems plenty light and fast to me, and I really like mine (soon to be two). Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to throw the other two so there isn’t any way for me to give you a straight comparison :frowning:

Sorry, that probably wasn’t really much help.

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It was a lot of help thanks!

Sleipnir.Best single metal ever

I’m just worried the Sleipnir will be too much like my Scout.

I paid only about $125 for a brand new 2014 Sleipnir, shipping included. The Sleipnir is one of my personal favorites, I throw it almost every single day.

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i would really doubt that. They see way different to me


The puffin 2 is really good too. Surprisingly powerful for its size. One of my daily throws. Haven’t tried the others

Nothing like a scout .

Sleipnir is waaaayyy better for horizontal , lighter and faster .

Thanks everyone! Sounds like i can’t go wrong with a Sleipnir!

Indeed! I am curious about it now myself. Where can you even buy them?

No. The JPX is better, actually. I have both. But the Sleipnir is a great yoyo still!

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^ That makes me want to try a JPX.

When it comes to competition-orientation, the Sleipnir is hard to beat. Easily one of the best yoyos I’ve ever played.

Pure performance, no frills.

The new edition looks absolutely gorgeous in real life as well. Almost looks like it’s glowing as it spins. ;D

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the jpx in my opinion is an all around fun yoyo that is amazing for competition. I throw mine all the time and j really like it better then a lot of tiger yoyos.

14 sleipnir is worst sleipnir

Maybe wait for the Qilin wich is like way cheaper. Another fast one would be Gradient and the Jpx is pretty beast.

Don’t do it. There’s a huge chance it’s a bootleg.

Why do you say that?

It’s a “Take That” edition, and the bid’s at 25 dollars. ::slight_smile: