Sleipnir vs rest of YYR

I have a kind of speedy play style I guess, and want to learn horizontal. I am also learning more tightly complicated tricks. Okay, have a Positron coming. I need something smaller than the Sleipnir, but just as awesome. Looking at the Emc2, stargazer and z-on.

You can’t really go wrong with either, but I’d suggest the Sleipnir. It’s zippier and excellent for horizontal.

I’ve always found most Turning Points to be rather heavy.

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And I was also thinking about the E=mc^2. Whats your opinion about it?

Good player, but if you’re looking at something that shape/size, I’d suggest an Acrophobia.

I would, but they are out of stock everywhere and they are impossible to find for a reasonable price on the BST. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask Alex Fairhurst, he’s played all the YYRs mentioned here.
I’ve ordered a Sleipnir and waiting eagerly on it :slight_smile:

Does he sell them?

I made a thread about that about a month ago but it’s mostly about how people feel about how they are different from each other. You should check it out, it might be helpful.

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Looks like I made the same exact thread. ;D How do you like your Sleipnir? I have a bootleg one and it plays pretty good.

It plays amazingly well, better than anything else I’ve played with. To me it feels like an all around good yoyo and it looks great. I got pink and it’s the perfect shade.

The only thing I can’t seem to do on it is rejections very well, but maybe that’s me because I remember watching Christopher Chia doing them pretty consistently.

I would definitely recommend it but I have to try to a positron so yeah, but the thing is you can definitely not go wrong with a Sleipnir.

Sleipnir all the way.

Both are awesome throws. I like the Sleipnir the best, even better than my Acrophobia and E-MC2.

Wow that clinches it. Sleipnir here we come. 8)

And how about the StarGazer? Isn’t it just a smaller version of the Sleipnir? Does it play as well?

Yes and almost

So basically it doesn’t play as good. But still the same cost?

Well, it’s a smaller size yoyo for those who dont like the oversized nature of the Sleipnir.
A smaller yoyo will naturally be less stable and spin less, given that both yoyos are of an equal shape etc

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Stargazer plays amazing. But, if you’re interested in horizontal, a Sleipner is probably your best bet.

So it seems like no yoyo can match the Sleipnir in horizontal, huh? But they all look so awesome! Maybe I should go rob a bank and buy all of them. :smiley: