Positron vs Gleipnir vs Clash vs Solenoid

So guys!
i want to get my hands on one of these throws!
which do you think is best for tight string formations
big body tricks and movements
horizontal combos
and slacks?

Gleipnir or Clash I would say.

Me and my positron never got along and I traded it soon after I got it but that is just me. The clash was wonderfull and mine was a 2010 clash, I would love to get a 2012 clash.

The clash is quite big though, I have big hands so it isn’t a problem for me but if you are getting really intricate then it may not be suited for that. Not H5 big, but still it is large.

My sleipnir plays awesome and they basically have the same dimentions but a slightly diffrent angled profile from each other.

The clash actually (for me) played better. I love my sleipnir but the clash just fit me more. I think it depends on how intricate you will be getting and if the clash’s size would interfere with that or not.

you didnt like the positron?
nd i think i may just get a clash!
compare it to the sleipnir a little more?

No, didn’t like the positron and the leviathan II didn’t do it for me either so I do not look at the solenoid with any hopes that it will change my mind.

Sleipnir is fast and the clash is suprisingly fast as well so that is about the same…maby the sleip is a bit (just a bit) faster. Size is the big diffrence though. The bigger diameter is the only thing I see getting in your way depending on how intricate you get in your tricks. I do feel that the clash regened just a tad better and spun a little longer than the sleipnir. That means alot to me since I just love long combos, hehe.

The clash handled horizontals better as well. Still the sleip is not far behind on that either.

And so
I’ve heard the Sleipnir plays very floaty and bouncy
And I LOVE that
Does the clash act this way too?

Sort of. The sliepnir is a bit more floaty and the clash has a bit more presence on the string so the sleip is the floaty one of the two.

What Slade Riggs points out very carefully and specifically is how important preferences are in ultimately choosing AND being happy with a yoyo. I know price is a factor that must be taken into consideration. It determines fair trade value and/or retail pricing. After that, it comes down to individual player preference that cannot be superceded by money.

I don’t question people’s preferences. They aren’'t me, and I am not them. There are so many amazing yoyos out there. At the same time, it’s not possible for all yoyos to work for all people, regardless of price.

Again, with that in mind, I feel that Slade Riggs assessment of the yoyos in question was fair, reasonable and for him, entirely accurate. It’s good to get an opinion from a first-person point of view from someone where the yoyos didn’t really work out for them just to help keep that perspective in the conversation. He’s offered post positive and negative positions, but in no way said anything flat out bad about anything.

Ofc! i just want to know how all the other yoyos play before choosing!

Honestly, the best way to find out is to try them yourself. It’s a calculated risk. How it plays for one person may not be how it plays for you.

I could not agree more. Many of the comments made above are exactly the opposite of what I might have said about the Positron and the Sleipnir. Since it is all about your own preferences, however, the only opinion that counts is your own.

Could you describe how the Positron plays for me? I’m quite curious!


I like the Positron. It is both fast and has great stability and play-time. You have to be precise with it though. If you hit the sides alot, the yoyo wants to slow-down fast or worse, unexpectedly bind on you. That said, if you are reasonably precise, the spin-time is fantastic for such a quick yoyo.

The biggest difference for me between the Sleipnir and the Positron is the comfort. The Sleipnir is a bit more forgiving because of its sharp angles, but it is more tippy and not as easy on the hand. The Sleipnir also does not have the spin-time that the Positron has for long combo’s.

Clash, Sleipnir, Positron… You can’t go wrong getting any or all of these :slight_smile: