Positron VS Sleipnir

Hi, I’ve been recently trying to look for Sleipnirs on the forums but most of the time they’re already sold to someone else and came across someone saying that the Positron is almost an equivalent to the Sleipnir and Positrons seem to be much cheaper and abundant on the forums.

If anyone has thrown both, can you please help me into a good direction when it comes down to how they feel and how similar?

Both great throws but totally different. The Sleipnir feels lighter and flightier on the end of the string while the Positron feels a bit more solid and stable. The Sleipnir is also on the larger end of things (57mm diameter) compared to the more mid-sized Positron (55.7mm). Neither has an IGR so thumb grinds are out of the question but the Positron is available in a blast finish which allows for some decent finger and palm grinds.

As with almost all of these “yoyox or yoyo y” questions it comes down to preference but it’s almost certain that you’ll enjoy either of these two.


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There are also Blasted Sleipnirs out there if you want to grind.

I don’t mind not being able to grind but other than that, thank you for the feedback.

I’ve seen them but they’re rarer than blue moons XD


try a proton its reminds me of the positron

My opinion:
There is no contest between the two. The Sleipnir easily out performs the Positron in all areas. Don’t get me wrong, the Positron is a great yoyo. It just is not as good as the Sleipnir.

well, i havnt tried any of them. but marcus koh used the positron to win worlds so i say the positron.

Shinya Kido used the Sleipnir in 09 to win world too.

And hey, while we’re at it, Jensen Kimmitt used the Northstar to put in one of the greatest Worlds performances of all time in 2010. I wouldn’t put too much weight on what titles have been won on certain yoyos.



tbh a absolute boss could probably win worlds with a one if he practice hard enough

I kind of doubt someone could WIN worlds with a One. Maybe place in the top five. Maybe.

if you believe!!!(and maybe add some weight)

Sleipnir is so much better IMO.

The only TP I’ve played is a Leviathan 2, and I don’t feel it is worth $200. When I tried a Sleipnir, I loved it, so I say Sleipnir.

the yyfxtp proton is plays worth its value and the prominence is pretty good

I own both positron and sleipnir and they both are in my top 4 of my collection (sleipnir being #2 positron being #4). Now even though the sleipnir i find to be slightly better in my case ive got to say they both are just about eve. Both of thses amazing throws are extremely stable, fast, very well distributed weight making for great spin times. The sleipnir I find to play much more fast than the positron while the positron is a feels a lot more stable. (both throws are extremely fast and stable though). the sleipnir is AMAZING for horizontal.

Cool! Thanks for the opinion! What’s the #1 on your list?

I would love to hear your top five…