What do you guys think of this yoyo! (this is not a review) I like hearing peoples opinions on yoyos. :slight_smile:


The Positron is the best example of competition-ready Japanese yoyos. Simply a fantastic yoyo. I loved mine when I had them.


I own a blue marble positron and im impressed every time I pick it up. Its seriously one of the best all around yoyos o have played. Super fast perfect weight not to floaty but not to heavy. Really stable. Not to mention dead smooth and it hard to give this thing a bad throw. With a powerful throw it spins for a life time as long as your bearing is clean. I would never ever ever let mine go. I think any serious yoyoer needs to at least try the positron if not own one. I also really love my maxbet. Its pretty heavy but literally the most stable yoyo o have ever thrown and it also spins with some serious power even from the softest throws. It feels a lot more sold then the positron but IMO equally as awesome. Get you one or both :slight_smile:


I like it a lot but I feel like the Gleipnir plays somewhat similarly, but is better, so the Positron makes less sense to me as a result. Still, they’re both fantastic yoyos.


Haven’t played the Gleipnir yet but im sure its a beast :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’m really fond of japanese throws, I’ve tried almost any YYR and TP yoyos, and lots of YYJK too. But Among those, the Positron is probably the one I liked the less, because I found it very uncomfortable. It’s an insanely good throw, though.


Very good yoyo, but I found it rather boring.

(UmeNagisa) #8

Plays very good.
Outstanding even

But felt bland.
No character.

Like the DV888
Plays nice for the price
Feels so boring

Positron is the same but it plays OUTSTANDING just really really blad and boring. Not special.


yeah, I think it was designed for how markus kohl’s style looks. it requires crazy crazy stability and spin time, just all around great playability, but it doesn’t feel nice like a CLYW or something.

(UmeNagisa) #10

actually it was designed to be a cross between the Lev and the Maxbet.

so it used the step of the Maxbet on the Lev profile

and used the Lev weight and the maxbets size

its boring bc its a STRICT Play yoyo.

not fun, just perfect play


Yea, this is what I felt too.

Gleipnir on the other hand…

That thing had lots of character.

(UmeNagisa) #12

that is SOOOOO true! Float strong power, that feel!


Yea, it would seem as if it would be a slower throw in the air and when it’s floating, but it suddenly turns really light, easy to move, and quick the moment it starts touching strings!

I love mine.