in your experience guys is there any yoyo similar in play to the positron???!!

i tried one and loved it there isnt anymore on yoyoexpert i dont want to buy used just new like is there a yoyo available here on yoyoexpert that is almost as good and plays similar to the positron is the proton by yyf similar please only people who own the positron tell because you know about it and please include with the yoyo your are recommending howvitbis similar to the positron like spin time etc.
thnx alot your the best

No, the Proton is nothing like the Positron. TP design with YYF machining, not a good combo.

Can’t really recommend a yoyo like the Positron, besides other Turning Points. They have quite a few models based off it. I’d suggest the Max Bet (a liiittle heavier, but insanely stable) or the Basilisk (haven’t tried).

I have a proton on the way, alot of people like the proton but say it is very different than the positron. I don’t mind YYF’s machining on there higher end throws. But to each their own.

Oh me neither, but that’s just the thing. To me, it didn’t feel like a higher-end throw.

yeah I notice that sometimes yoyofactory throws lack personality, but $110 and in the galaxy colorway I couldn’t resist.

I have both. They play nothing alike. I like both, but they play very different. Both are smooth and stable, but the Proton seems slower and floatier where-as the Positron is much more aggressive and direct.

Did your proton squeak when you unscrew it also was it very hard to screw together and unscrew.

They sure are in stock!!!