TP Positron vs. YYF Proton - Opinions?

So I’ve noticed the Proton is nearly identical to the Positron in terms of stats.

I’ve yet to see much on the Proton and I’m wondering design if the Positron is truly worth the extra $100.

If the performance in the two is similar, then I’m inclined to go for the Proton.

You will find at that level yoyos cost more simply because of production costs.

I have a Positron. When I was at the last YoLex meet I could attend, we compared the Positron to the Proton, at least in regards to appearances. While there are differences, there are remarkable similarities. We did not remove the Proton from the package, but we did open the bottom to check the profile. It’s good I brought my Positron that day!

Also, let me say this about the YYF Champions series, at least specifically the Equilateral. This is by far my most favorite YYF to date. The price on this will completely blow yo away once you play it. The Champions series is putting a lot of value into those prices, except for the Loop1080’s, which are priced perfectly yet still perform at what I would consider a much higher price.

I would say if you’re happy with the Proton, there’s no reason to spend more. It’s NOT about price, it’s about preferences, personal satisfaction/enjoyment and “meets the needs”. But yes, we do need price, as we need some measurement for the purposes of commerce.

Rarely is this true. Has much more to do with exchange rates when it comes to Japanese throws.

Personally i’d get the Proton. I like the flat hub design, and they probably play similar. If i was going to spend the money on a Japanese throw it wouldn’t be a Positron. They’re just ok to be honest. The TP Prominence and AX look great, and of course there’s loads of amazing YYRs out these days as well as my new favorite brand Something.

I would consider that part of the production cost. I guess I could have said production and distribution, but I generalize those to be the same thing. My point is no yoyo costs more because it plays better it costs more because it cost more to produce, for various reasons.

The Positron WILL get stronger spins, but not close to enough to be worth one hundred dollars more.