Someone Please Reccomend!


I’m thinking in Saving some money for a 100-110 dollar yoyo. I really want the Hubstacked Geneis or the Proton. I’m getting a g5 in the mail so I think the Proton is a good throw. Should I get it or not?


If you want a yyf, I would strongly recommend the Primo. It’s an exceptional competition-grade throw that took the best aspects of several great throws like the g5, 888, superstar and skyline, and blended them into one über-amazing yoyo


In that price range I would go with the code 2


You could get a solid summit, I think it is a little over 110


You’ve already made your decision, so honestly, why are you asking for recommendations?

Of all those models, the Proton is the only one that holds interest to me, and even then, I’m not really interested in buying that right now. I’ve got a Positron and I like that a lot. The Proton looks like it took inspiration from the Positron.

I’d say what do you currently have, and what do you like about the items you currently have?


i personally would buy from someone off the forums and save alot of money =] ive seen hubstacked Gen’s for half the price slightly used!


Yyf monster


Proton is an excellent throw.